Golf lessons with a PGA pro in Mallorca

Mike Karl is a PGA pro and founder of the Mallorca Golf Company golf teaching academy. Whether you're a novice to the game or an expert, our exclusive interview will give you some hints and tips about improving your game while you're in Mallorca.
While you may have heard that Mallorca is great for golf, it‘s no surprise to feel spoiled for choice when you arrive on the island. To help you negotiate the island’s golf scene, we caught up with our golf expert, Mike Karl. A fully-qualified golf professional accredited to the German PGA, Karl has lived and taught on the island since 2003, and is the founder of the Mallorca Golf Company teaching academy.
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Having spent his teenage years playing golf and demonstrating significant talent for the sport, Mike abandoned the game to attend university.

After his studies and subsequent career, a period of self-reflection led him to reconsider a career in golf and start improving his handicap to PGA standards.

While it took him 2 years to reduce his handicap to the required 6.4, he reflects that it was possible to achieve through determined focus and constant participation in tournaments.

An offer of a mentor and traineeship in Mallorca led him to the island, where he completed his PGA qualification and has resided ever since.

Karl is committed to excellence in golf teaching, and is dedicated to offering a visitor to his golf academy in Mallorca an experience driven by his passion for quality and individuality.

In his opinion, a fully qualified golf PGA pro is very different from a golf teacher and should act as a mark of quality: customers should expect good training practice, knowledge about body positioning and technique, and the specific skills required to teach children.

Well aware of Mallorca’s reputation as a golf destination, he has established the Mallorca Golf Company teaching academy to provide a coaching experience that is unique on the island.

Karl explains that his goal is to tempt returning customers to base holidays around his golf lessons, although he is happy to cater for all abilities and levels of experience in his lessons.

If this all sounds very professional, don’t be put off. Karl’s simple yet effective philosophy of teaching is that the customer should always leave the course better than when they started, and should be happy with this result.

His approach is to look at one specific fault and try to repair it until there’s a difference. He admits that he does try and fix problems in the allocated time but prefers to work until it is sorted out, as a matter of professional pride.

And if you’ve always wondered what the secret to golf is and worried that you haven’t cracked it, he is also reassuring. According to this golf expert, there’s no general solution: every customer is different.

While recognising that there’s always room for improvement, Karl is quick to clarify that there’s no one golf swing you should or shouldn’t  use – it depends on the individual, their talent and how much experience they have.

His personal belief as a golf pro is that the challenge is always to help the customer as he is in front of you. This simple philosophy means that during a session with Karl, you can expect him to find a solution that helps you play golf to the best of your ability.

So with this reassurance in mind, what better way to spend a holiday in this most beautiful of the Balearics?

Whether you’re a nervous first-time putter, or an experienced man of the links, Mike Karl and the Mallorca Golf Company are waiting to help you up your game.

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Why come to Mallorca for a golf holiday?

There are 23 courses, a great climate, and excellent airline links to the whole of Europe.

Best time to come to Mallorca?

Not in summertime – a winter holiday in November - December is the best time to come, since the island is almost empty and it’s the best time to play golf.

Favourite golf club on Mallorca?

It depends a bit on individual taste but I like Golf Son Gual because they have everything: an inviting club house, excellent customer service and a superb course.
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