Expert help to avoid burnout and prevent mental exhaustion

If you feel that your daily routine is taking a toll on your personal life, these effective prevention strategies presented by Dr. Michael Huber will help you to avoid burnout and other job related anxieties.

Every day we are faced with many stressful situations that if not handled correctly can lead into serious disorders such as burnout and depression.

In this exclusive interview with Premium Europe, Dr. Michael Huber talks about the best methods to prevent burnout and enjoy a healthy lifestyle without compromising on our job, family and friends.

What can be done to prevent burnout?

Generally, it is recommended that people at risk for burnout employ relaxation techniques, get cognitive behavioural therapy and seek guidance on increasing personal satisfaction.

Burnout candidates must abandon their perfectionist approach to work, search for positive social ties in private and professional life and strengthen their problem-solving abilities.

Individual concepts of work-life balance should be checked if they can handle upcoming challenges and changed if needed.

For these measures to be successful, it is crucial that affected persons’ attitudes that have led to exhaustion in the past be checked and, if needed, changed during an individual coaching session.

At the same time, successful reward strategies must be reinforced and supplemented if affected persons are to increase their confidence and satisfaction with life.

In many cases, people benefit from taking stock of their lives with the support of a qualified professional:

What did I like about past situations at work or in private life where I was successful or happy?

Where have I failed (repeatedly)?

What types of people do I not get along with? How do I make friends and allies?

What can I do very well? What are my core skills?

Do I want to make (small? major?) changes?

Do I need new ideas?

What can I do against signs of depression, personality changes, exhaustion or resignation?

Dr. Michael Huber

Dr. Michael Huber has worked for more than 20 years as an attending physician in neurology and psychosomatic medicine for university hospitals in West Germany. An experienced therapist trainer and psychoanalyst, he uses coaching methods based on his experience in psychological therapy, neurology and complementary medical fields to relieve people from the stress of daily life by providing strategies for finding orientation, coming up with new solutions or making major life changes.

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