Drug tolerability - predict instead of trying out!

In the package leaflet of medications, there are often standard dosages, such as 1 - 2 tablets, in the morning, at noon and in the evening. These relatively inaccurate instructions can lead to incorrect dosages and thus to suboptimal effects or even critical side effects.

While non-profile dosages are harmless for some drugs, the desired effect may not be achieved and overdoses can generate unpleasant side effects. Other medicinal products may even pose a risk to health and damage. The same applies to the selection of drugs!

But why is it that same medicines have different effects even in persons who have similar conditions for sex, weight or age? Our medical team will provide information on how best to find the best medication and dosage for the treatment of various diseases.

Why do the same drugs work differently?

Everyone is unique, which also plays an important role in medicine. Above all, the "inner values" are of decisive importance. What is meant by this is, however, not the spiritual disposition, but the genotype - that is, the genes - which are individual in each individual.

In the metabolism of medicines, the body experiences complex processes, which involves the unique genetic make-up of a person. Since each individual has different genes, this process is also characterized by different factors, which causes the deviations in the tolerability of medications.

How does the doctor find suitable medication for the treatment of a disease?

Since the drug compatibility is strongly influenced by the genes, it is also not easy for physicians to find the right dosage and the right drug. Our doctors use their experience and knowledge about possible interactions with other medicines with results from numerous studies in which drugs have been tested.

But even in classical debt medicine, it is not uncommon to try to see how the medicines will work. This is also referred to as the right "medication attitude" in the patient. However, even if the patient is "ideally adjusted", the drugs administered can cause side effects, which are often tolerated or only noticed later, because the side effects are delayed in the course of time.

How can I find the right drug with dosage?

As already mentioned – one must include the genes. Only when you know the patient’s genetic make-up, you can say how active substances will affect the patient. But when you finally know it – the treatment of each disease is not only simpler but also more effective and possibly even more cost-effective.

The Swiss company SONOGEN AG, together with the experts of the RIP laboratory, has developed an extremely innovative method in which the genetic material is analyzed and on the basis of which the pharmacogenetic interpretation is carried out. This gives the physicians an understanding of the individual metabolic principle of the patient and enables them to optimize the design of the drug therapy.

With the new SONOGEN XP procedure, it is then possible to know the active substances and dosages the patient will benefit most from before starting treatment.

Another very important aspect is that, with the unique analysis of the genetic material, undesired and sometimes also dangerous side effects can be significantly reduced.

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