Alcohol rehab programs and therapies

Dr. Ian Drever explains what the main causes of alcohol use are nowadays and how residential treatments can help finally overcome the condition.
Medically supervised alcohol recovery programmes are the best way to deal with a drinking problem. This article covers the process, types of therapies used, benefits and costs of joining one. Be sure to check Page 2 for a unique and discreet approach to treating alcohol use.

Premium Europe: What are the main causes that trigger alcohol addiction?

Dr. Ian Drever: Alcohol use is often used as a form of ‘self medication’ to help numb or escape from life pressures, or to deal with underlying illness, such as depression. Unfortunately, alcohol use can then become a highly addictive process, so that individuals spiral into a vicious cycle of drinking to avoid the features of alcohol withdrawal, or drinking to try to escape from the very depression which the alcohol has caused.

PE: From your experience, what is the most effective alcohol abuse therapy?

Dr. Drever:Research such as Project Match, a 25-year US study, show that the highest rates of abstinence are achieved through treating patients as part of a community, rather than having to do this ‘on their own’. This community may take the form of networks such as AA or rehabilitation centres with aftercare; even being part of a supportive church can be hugely beneficial. One of the most effective models was the AA 12-step programme, which provides the structure, community and therapeutic model necessary to maximise the chance of sustained abstinence.

PE: How long does alcohol detoxification take on an average basis?

Dr. Drever: Typically around 7 days; sometimes it may be as short as four or five days, and sometimes as long as around ten days. Our residential treatment programme takes 28 days in total, to allow time both for the detox, and for the intensive psychological therapy to understand the causes of the drinking, and to find new ways of living without alcohol.

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