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Discovering you have a chronic or life-threatening disease is likely to be a stressful experience.

To help you understand your illness better, we have conducted interviews with leading experts from various specialities and clinics to talk about their field of expertise. You can find information on how to prevent common diseases, what causes these illness, how you can self-diagnose to catch them at an early stage, as well as a discussion of the latest scientific findings and the best treatment for your illness.

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Kidney disease facts // Nürtingen +

An expert nephrologist, Dr Michael Mühlhause has treated and taken care of many patients with kidney disease during his career. In this interview, he discusses ...

Pancreatic disorders & therapy // +

Treatment for pancreatitis should be carried out by an expert in the field. Medical expert Prof. Dr. Jan Schmidt has extensive experience of treating pancreatit...

Osteoporosis symptoms and causes // +

Osteoporosis is characterised by a reduced strength and stability of the bones, and can cause significant problems for a patient who suffers from it. Find out m...

Slipped disc surgery // +

What can doctors do to treat a slipped disc? Professor Rischke is one of the best spine surgeons in Switzerland and answered our questions about slipped disc su...

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