Luxury travel guide to Paris

Paris is a world-famous city and occupies a place in the hearts of millions. Our travel guides can help you find the must-visit places and discover hidden gems.


Paris, the City of Light, has a long and venerable reputation as a place to discover culture and art, the finest cuisine and the most elegant of fashions. Renowned the world over as a destination for romance, Paris manages to combine the picture postcard views you expect with a wealth of hidden riches that you might never know are there. The city trades strongly on its reputation as a cultural hub, and visitors to Paris are certain to discover cutting-edge galleries that sit alongside the grand architecture and historic museums. As the home of haute couture, it also offers plenty of opportunities to the luxury tourist, who can visit an almost unlimited number of boutiques stocking the works of renowned designers. Whether you want to spend your holiday soaking up the city's historic atmosphere or uncovering the top urban cocktail bars, our luxury travel guides can help you find that extra special venue.


1. The Louvre, Tuilieries Gardens and Royal Palace (1st & 2nd arrondissements) - The beating heart of historic Paris, this grand district of the capital showcases some of the city's most regal architecture and is home to some of the most famous sights. It is also the place to discover designer clothing boutiques and the famous foodie street Rue Montorgueil.

2. The Marais, Picasso Museum and The Pompidou (3rd & 4th arrondissements) - The must-visit destination for the upmarket bohemian crowd, the Marais district is a delight to discover, thanks to its charming narrow streets. Dotted with trendy bars, cute cafés and hipster stores, it's the ideal area for a taste of old-world Paris sophistication renewed for the modern day.

3. Latin Quarter, Sorbonne and Pantheon (5th arrondissement) - Named after the learned scholars who formerly frequented these parts, this district retains a sense of the atmosphere of Mediaeval Paris. Narrow cobblestone streets create an intriguing pace that is perfect for a leisurely stroll to take in the atmosphere.

4. St-Germain-des-Pres and Jardin du Luxembourg (6th arrondissement) - Renowned today as the shopping district par excellence of Paris, this district is home to high quality shopping of all types. Woven amongst the designer stores and elegant boutiques are a lively selection of bustling brasseries, where you can enjoy lunch and people-watching à volonté.

5. Eiffel Tour, Musée d'Orsay and Rue Cler (7th arrondissement) - Dominated by the enduring icon that is the Eiffel Tower, this lively district is home to some of the best restaurants in Paris. It's a lovely area to visit, thanks to the busy markets and generally convivial atmosphere on the streets.

6. Champs-Elysees and Arc du Triomphe (8th arrondissement) - Everyone should take a stroll at least once along the tree-lined boulevard that is the Champs-Elysées, thronged with tourists though it may be. Glamorous and exclusive in a very grand fashion, this is the district to discover Paris at its elegant best.

7. Montmatre and Sacre Coeur (18th arrondissement) - The ideal location to take in a romantic panoramic view of Paris, this elevated district conceals a wealth of cute cafés and charming boutiques in its steep, winding streets. It's laid-back arty vibe is a tonic after the bustle of the shopping areas and would be perfect for a long lingering lunch.


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