Luxury travel guide for Rome

Rome - The Eternal City. There’s a good reason that all roads lead to this vibrant and beautiful city. With historical monuments, beautiful parks and exquisite Italian food available on every corner, Rome is the perfect choice for the discerning tourist looking for the city break with everything.


From the Colosseum and the Pantheon to the trendy and exclusive shopping stradas of the Tridente district, Rome is full of surprises and sure to enchant and beguile any visitor. As the inspiration for countless books and films, Rome is more than a city. It is an experience to be lived to the full. Whether you seek world-class theatre and opera or the latest haute-couture fashion, Rome will exceed your expectations. Luxury hotels abound, and you will be spoilt for choice for eating and drinking. Rome is the very epitome of the Italian culture of good wine and great food, and the city’s many fine restaurants are always striving for a way to get ahead of the competition, and offer you yet more delicious food and wine from Italy and further afield.With our city guide you can go to Rome and get the very best it has to offer, with no compromise on authenticity or quality.


1. The Vatican City

A gem within the crown, the walled Vatican City houses an amazing array of historic buildings. From the Sistine Chapel with its famous painted ceiling, to the Vatican Museum and the quite unbelievable St Peter’s Basilica, where you will find the tallest dome anywhere in the world.

2. Tridente

Rome is one of the premier fashion capitals of the world, and all the famous fashion names can be found in the sparkling Tridente district.  Here you’ll find the finest clothes, jewellery and furniture that money can buy.

3. Centro Storico

A lot of Rome’s most famous buildings, like the Pantheon and numerous famous Piazzas, can all be found is the historic centre, which can easily be navigated on foot for the ultimate sightseeing experience.

4. Trastavere

A fashionable, relaxed and bohemian area just across the River Tiber from the Centro Storico, Trastavere offers restaurants, bars and clubs to suit all tastes.

5. Testaccio

This area has undergone a dramatic gentrification recently, and now boasts a wide range of cool, trendy bars and traditional Italian restaurants to enjoy before going to one of the area’s many nightclubs.

6. Ancient Rome

Rome has been a site of human settlement for millennia, and in this extremely popular area you will find the very oldest surviving monuments, like the astounding Roman Colisseum and Roman Forum.

7. Esquilino & Monti

Traditional working class charm and 21st century cool meet in this area, which is packed with  bars, shops and restaurants.

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