Discover Graubünden in style with our deluxe selection of top 5 star luxury hotels for business and leisure.
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There are many beautiful places to discover in Graubünden and our selection of the best hotels will help you find somewhere to stay in while you explore. Our great selection of luxury hotels in Graubünden includes the best luxury hotels, business hotels and spa hotels. Whether you need a hotel for a business trip or a luxury city break, our great selection of hotels in Graubünden is certain to inspire you. Discover our selection below or contact us for more information.

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Skiing on the slopes, practicing adventure sports, enjoying the nature or hiking through the fields; St. Moritz offers you all. Enjoying the view of the Alps on top of Piz Corvatsch ensures the true Swiss experience. Have a look at the special Gold & Silver properties that provide exclusive extras you can enjoy from. Close to the slopes, ski lifts or a wide range of facilities, we can help you find your perfect 5star holiday accommodation. Great service and a warm welcome are guaranteed; everything will be taken care of for you!

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