VIP charter flights from Moscow to the City of Light

Exclusive luxury jet service from Moscow to Paris

Make the most of your romantic luxurious Parisian holiday with our bespoke flights that take you from Moscow with style.

Arrive in the unmatchable city of Paris in the epitome of style with our personalised jet service.

Our team is standing by to help you plan your ideal Parisian holiday, with tailored flights that feature luggage delivery right to the door of your luxury accommodation.

Only a short, 3 and 3-quarter hour flight separates you from the glamour and the romance of the French capital.

Prices are as low as 14,900 EUR (VAT and landing fees included) aboard our 7 seat, ultramodern Learjet Jet 60XR, while other cutting-edge aircraft are available to suit your specific needs.

Our luxury jet partner, Air-Dynamic SA, provides only superlative air-transfer services with their wealth of experience chartering world-class flights all over Italy, Switzerland, and greater Europe.

Together, we offer flights of first-class safety and inimitable comfort for all our customers, with highly specialized and multilingual flight crews, state-of-the-art aircraft, and 24/7 availability.

For our business travelers, real-time SMS follow-up and the most modern information and communication systems are available so you don’t lose valuable work time.

Our Premium Europe travel team is standing by at to help you plan your perfect getaway to the City of Light.

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