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Top clinic in Zurich with top treatments in Medical check-up
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Double Check is one of the most exclusive private clinics in Switzerland offering a wide range of uniquely tailored treatments to the highest professional and medical industry standards.


Double Check is situated in the cosmopolitan Zurich, a city distinguished seven times in a row as the city with the world's best quality of life. With an international airport, a well-connected road network and excellent train connections, you can easily reach the clinic from anywhere in the world.


Double Check offers a wide range of personalized healthcare treatments to ensure the clients receive the finest medical care. The clinic is a trusted advisor on all healthcare matters, delivered to the highest Swiss standards. The team of medical concierge takes care of the patient’s health and ensures their stay is of top quality. The patients at Double Check have peace of mind as every aspect of their health is efficiently managed.

The extensive network of professionals is committed to providing every patient and their family with the best medical diagnostics, treatment and aftercare anywhere in the world. The treatment centre offers high-quality services, from check-ups to medical interventions and second options – to ensure that the patents are care for, with the most advanced and innovative medical expertise.

Areas of Specialisation:

Double Check has a unique network of world’s leading clinicians who provide high-quality treatments in the most renowned academic research facilities. The clinic has their own in-house specialists who have one of the best ranges of expertise and experience. The medical professionals at Double check have special focus on check-ups – medical, diabetes, paediatric and many others, cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, genetics and infusion treatment, second opinions and medical interventions.

Double Check in Zurich - Specialized in Medical check-up

Telephone number: +41 (0)44 212 11 00
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The clinic also offers

Aesthetic surgery

  • Facial treatments

    wrinkles removal / wrinkles treatment with botox or laser / liposculpture / lipofilling / scar removal / acne treatment / eyelid lift / nasal reshaping

  • Breast surgery

    breast augmentation / breast reduction / breast lift / breast reconstruction

  • Body treatments

    liposuction / tummy tuck / buttock lift / cellulite treatment / thigh lift / stretch mark removal / excessive sweating / hyperhidrosis

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