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Top clinic in Lucerne with top treatments in Pain therapy
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Get to know more about Swiss Paraplegic Centre and their specialisation in Pain therapy and their leading doctors with academic information and personal CVs.
The Swiss Paraplegic Centre provides patients with premium medical expertise, first-class service and latest treatment options.

Situated in the centre of Switzerland, Nottwil is a village on the lakeside of the idyllic Lake Sembach not far from the city of Lucerne. It is easily accessible by car or other transportation. Having an international reputation for its quality in therapy and rehabiltation programs, the Swiss Paraplegic Centre aims for a comprehensive and successful medical treatment and care in a peaceful and calming environment.

Beside its focus in paraplegiology, the clinic also assists with other medical specialities to allow a lofe long care and to serve as a reliable companion meetings all medical needs. It is the speciality of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre to offer customized, extensive treatment and care throughout the whole process of illness, from the acute over the reactivation to the integration phases providing highly qualified and skilled staff and specialistis.

It is our ambition to keep or reconstitute the integrity of the person, her/his identity and way of living as good as possible dealing with mental, physical and social aspects during our therapy.

Special expert services offered compromise expert centre and knowledge in neuro-urology, rehabilitation techniques, sports medicine, orthopaedics, paraplegic research, vehicle conversion, emergency medicine, and pain medicine. Beside counselling and general advice, therapeutic measures such as ergotherapy, physiotherapy and training therapy can be provided.

Special departments and centres at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre are the Swiss Spinal Column and Spinal Cord Centre (SWRZ), the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre (SOMC), the Swiss Prevention Centre (Medbase: SPC) and the Centre for Pain Medicine.

These institutes offer latest and most recent medical and research findings providing premium medical care for patients' health and well-being.

Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Lucerne - Specialized in Pain therapy

Telephone number: +41 41 210 35 00
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The clinic also offers


  • Shoulder

    shoulder arthrosis / shoulder dysfunction by shoulder replacement / shoulder arthritis by shoulder prosthesis

  • Knee

    osteoarthritis of the knee / rheumatoid arthritis of the knee / total knee arthroplasty / knee replacement surgery / knee joint endoprosthesis / cruciate ligament reconstruction / meniscus injury

  • Hip

    osteoarthrosis of the hip / hip endoprosthesis / total hip arthroplasty

  • Hand

    carpal tunnel syndrome

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