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Top clinic in Munich with top treatments in Sports medicine
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Dr. Erich Rembeck’s Centre for Sport Orthopaedics raises the bar of sports medicine and therapy with state-of-the-art medical treatments and world-class care.
As a world leader in sports medicine and orthopaedics, Dr. Erich Rembeck’s new ER Centre for Sport Orthopaedics only adds to his reputation.

A relatively small clinic, the ER Centre’s specialisation in the realms of sports medicine, orthopaedics, arthritis treatment, and injury rehabilitation makes it the go-to place worldwide.

Dr. Rembeck’s renowned team of specialists, inluding Drs. Lars Kurvin, Christoph Rummel, and Hans-Peter Tschallener, offer the most advanced care to fit your specific needs.

The clinic comprises three main centres, each with a focus on timely and long-lasting recovery. The Sport Orthopaedics Centre specialises in injuries involving the shoulder, spine, ankle, and others, while the Knee Centre aims to recover knee related traumas or issues.

The Arthritis Centre focusses on long-lasting solutions to arthritis. With a backing of state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies and research, Dr. Rembeck and his team provide unmatchable care and aims to return patients to activity faster and stronger than expected.

The most modern rehabilitation techniques help patients to make long-lasting recoveries. The ER Centre boasts world-wide recognition, having provided care for sports superstars including Maria Sharapova, Boris Becker, and multiple world-champion gymnast Daria Kondakova.

With the support of first-class partner clinics including the ATOS Clinic and the Herzogpark Clinic, the ER Centre is sure to provide only the best in care, treatment, and rehabilitation.

ER Centre for Sport Orthopedics in Munich - Specialized in Sports medicine

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