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Private co-ed IB boarding school in Carlsbad - Carlsbad International School

Carlsbad International School is a boarding and day school in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) for boys and girls aged 14 to 18. Located just around the hillside, it offers the prestigious IB Diploma and a small student-teacher ratio.


Carlsbad International School is one of the top boarding and day schools in the Czech Republic.

The academic facilities are second to none. The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and students are treated to restaurant quality dining and luxurious residential living.

Almost 90% of the teachers have Master’s level degrees and are highly motivated.

This translates into innovative teaching methods that allow students to reach their maximum potential and be fully supported at all times; no matter how they tailor their IB diploma.

Furthermore, the 4:1 student-teacher ratio allows teachers to individually assess intellectual inquisitiveness and provide individualised learning support.

This close relationship between the staff and the student body is further fostered by the sense of small community pupils encounter in the dorms.

Accommodated in pairs or threes, students from all over the world get a first taste of adulthood by sharing large apartment suites. Yet, the staff apartments are conveniently close by in case they need support or someone to talk to.

At Carlsbad International School, a healthy and active lifestyle is as important as a well-rounded academic programme.

Students can take part in a wide range of sport activities on the school grounds as well as around campus. Golf, tennis, badminton, volleyball, football, biking, skiing…

The recreation offer in and around Karlovy Vary is equally exciting. With sporting events and cultural festivals regularly on offer. There are also two cinemas and a few shopping centers.

Additionally, the school organized social events, Cultural Trips and weekend excursionsensure students get to experience the offerings of the Czech Republic and Europe, and don’t miss out on what it means to be a teenager.



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