An Inspectorate of Schools and Colleges certified “excellent COED Day and Boarding College” in London

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Cambridge Tutors College: An Inclusive COED Day And Boarding School

Boasting state-of-the-art facilities and a bespoke international approach, CTC is an excellent COED option for global-minded students in London. The prestigious institution has been accepting overseas students for over 60 years, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where foreigners can thrive. Small class sizes, a university-based tutorial-style setting, and some of the best A’Level and GCSE results in the UK make CTC a smart investment in your child’s future. The vast majority go onto Russell Group universities.



Cambridge Tutors College lies on the outskirts of London in the bustling neighbourhood of Croydon. As primary student district of the south, lively Croydon is known for its youthful atmosphere with abundant socialising and networking opportunities.

Waterloo, London Bridge and Victoria stations are only a 15-minute train trip from East Croydon station. Heathrow Airport is about an hour’s drive away while Gatwick Airport is only 20 minutes by train.


The Cambridge Tutors College is a prestigious COED day and boarding school in South London. The institute has been providing high-level primary and secondary education to both international and British students alike since 1958. With alumni from 25 nations and counting, CTC prides itself on fostering an inclusive atmosphere based on harmony and respect.

CTC’s lengthy history of academic success stems from its hands-on tutorial-style approach, not unlike that of tertiary education. Small class sizes–sometimes as low as 5–ensure every student enjoys ample interaction with their teachers. A focus on building research and critical thinking skills prepares students for top university and the challenges of adult life.

Core Values:

CTC’s core mission is for every student to reach their maximum academic potential by fostering an inclusive environment with an adult-centric approach to education.

CTC teachers focus on nurturing positive working relationships with their students, affording them the self-confidence to explore complex themes and excel at their studies.

By creating an enjoyable learning environment for all, CTC students develop a strong work ethic from an early age, which makes them well-equipped to achieve their academic goals.

Ultimately, this ethos is evident in superb grades, high-level university enrollments, and intelligent and well-balanced alumni who go on to enjoy successful careers.



With programs spanning from 18 months to the full two years, CTC A Levels are designed to encourage students to achieve their full academic potential and gain acceptance into a high-level university. Small class sizes between six and nine ensure plenty of student-teacher interaction, while high-tech facilities and a carefully curated curriculum enhance the learning process. Parents can closely monitor their child’s performance via weekly progress tests which are uploaded online.


British students who need to retake the GCSE, as well as international students transferring from abroad, would benefit from CTC’s Pre-Sixth GCSE course. Beginning in September each year, the tailor-made course typically covers six different subjects to prepare students for success in the A-Levels.

NCUK Foundation Course:

The college offers a 12 (Sept start) or 6 month (Jan start) pre-university Foundation course in conjunction with the NCUK (a group of UK universities). This course, if passed, results in a guaranteed place in a UK university. This is the perfect course for anyone a little bit older or who has not taken A levels but finished their own countries high school programme. More details in the brochure here.

Extracurricular Activities:

A fun and social approach to schooling is a core priority at CTC, which is evident through the wide array of extracurricular activities.

Sports such as badminton, table tennis, baseball, basketball, and football are held during lunchtimes, after school, and on weekends. Social activities include sightseeing excursions, ice-skating, tenpin bowling, and theatre nights, all of which have a strong focus on student interaction and socialisation. The college also runs the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities, designed to support the personal and social development of young people.

High academic achievers will love getting involved in activities such as the Math challenge, and the physics/biology olympiads, the debating club and the Model United Nations.

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