What to do on holiday in Chamonix

Discover the amazing range of mountain sports, restaurants and accommodation this top French ski resort can offer you in summer and winter.

Best places to ski

With such a huge selection of resorts within the Chamonix, deciding which of them would be the best choice for you is difficult. Use our handy guide to make the right choice for you and your family.
Visit Website - Best for families - La VormaineVisit Website - Best for thrill-seekers - Brévent / FlégèreVisit Website - Best for off-piste - Les Grands MontetsVisit Website - More about ski areas in Chamonix

Best ski schools in Chamonix

The top ski schools in Chamonix offer everything you need to improve, whatever your level. Expert tuition will help you make the most of your time on the slopes.

Visit Website - Best for freestyle - ESF ChamonixVisit Website - Best for tailored tuition - Prestige Outdoors Visit Website - Best for kids courses - Evolution 2 Visit Website - All ski schools in Chamonix

Best places to eat

Chamonix welcomes visitors from the world over, all year round, and the range of restaurants mirrors this. From traditional French Savoyarde to international cuisine and fine dining, this resort has it all.

Visit Website - Best for traditional cuisine – Maison CarrierVisit Website - Best for organic food – Restaurant ImpossibleVisit Website - Best for fine dining – Restaurant Albert 1er Visit Website - More restaurants in Chamonix

Best winter sports

Chamonix isn’t just all about downhill ski-ing. In the stunning mountains and valleys that surround it you can also do cross country skiing, climbing, mountaineering, husky sledding and white water sports to name just a few. Using our useful links below, you can get straight to the experts to book your outdoor activities.

Visit Website - Cross-country skiingVisit Website - Husky sleddingVisit Website - MountaineeringVisit Website - Climbing

Best mountain huts Chamonix Mont Blanc

Chamonix is an obvious base for serious outdoor exploration of the stunning region around it. For the very best views of the Mont Blanc valley and surrounding area, you’ll need to get on your hiking boots and take to the hills.

Comfortable mountain huts offer everything a hiker could want for a short stay to rest and bask in the glorious views.Reservations are necessary, so plan your route and get in contact with the hut guardian directly.

Visit Website - Best for a Mont Blanc base – Refuge de Gouter Visit Website - Best for easy access – Refuge Albert 1erVisit Website - Telephone numbers for Chamonix mountain hutsVisit Website - Maps and brochures for Mont Blanc refuges

Best shopping in Chamonix

Chamonix may be well known for its skiing and stunning mountain views, but the boutique shopping is world class as well. Many big names can be found here, in clothing, outdoor wear, antiques and anything else you care to think of.

Visit Website - Best for local produce - Savoie-SpecialitéVisit Website - Best for souvenirs - Deco MontagneVisit Website - Best for ski gear - Snell SportsVisit Website - More shops in Chamonix

Best things to do in summer

Chamonix benefits from one of the longest ski seasons to be found in Europe, but in the summer the outdoor activities continue apace, with the Mont Blanc valley providing many summer activities for all ages and fitness levels, like hiking and mountain biking.

Visit Website - Best for family adventure – Cham’AdventureVisit Website - Best for rock climbing – UCPA VacancesVisit Website - Best for guided hikes – Chamonix GuidesVisit Website - Best for Mont Blanc climbs – Stages ExpeditionsVisit Website - Top 10 things to do in summer

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