What did Sami Khedira do on holiday?

What does World Cup winner Sami Khedira do on holiday? Premium Europe organised his travel - check out exclusive photos!
After an intense month playing nothing but football as part of Germany’s victorious World Cup team, Sami Khedira was ready for a holiday and Premium Europe were honoured to help! So what does a footballer do on holiday? Khedira shared some of his photos to show us.

1. Take your friends

A holiday with friends is the best way to relax after a crazy summer – what better way to chill in the sunshine than to charter a luxury yacht and cruise in the sunshine? Premium Europe was happy to find a luxury yacht with space for everyone and plenty of space to sunbathe.

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2. Get on the water

You’re never too old to enjoy a ride on a boat that looks like a banana. The ideal combination of warm sunshine, turquoise water and fun with friends was exactly what Khedira was looking for in a holiday.

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