What did Sami Khedira do on holiday?

What does World Cup winner Sami Khedira do on holiday? Premium Europe organised his travel - check out exclusive photos!
After an intense month playing nothing but football as part of Germany’s victorious World Cup team, Sami Khedira was ready for a holiday and Premium Europe were honoured to help! So what does a footballer do on holiday? Khedira shared some of his photos to show us.

1. Take your friends

A holiday with friends is the best way to relax after a crazy summer – what better way to chill in the sunshine than to charter a luxury yacht and cruise in the sunshine? Premium Europe was happy to find a luxury yacht with space for everyone and plenty of space to sunbathe.

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2. Get on the water

You’re never too old to enjoy a ride on a boat that looks like a banana. The ideal combination of warm sunshine, turquoise water and fun with friends was exactly what Khedira was looking for in a holiday.

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3. Keep active

Just because you’re on holiday, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay fit: even though beach volleyball isn’t the sport that Khedira has mastered, he was still willing to give it a go!

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4. Enjoy the simple things

A busy life at the top of the footballing world and the highs and lows of competition make holidays all the more precious to Khedira. Sometimes, the simple things in life are all you need, like enjoying the sunset in peace on your yacht.

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5. Maintain your football skills

It turns out that, even on holiday, footballers can’t abandon their main passion. A sunny, relaxed beach is a different world from playing in the Maracanã Stadium, but it seems that Khedira just loves football too much to stop. Goal!

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6. Take your World Cup bling with you!

Justifiably proud of being a World Cup winner, Khedira made sure his trophy got to share in the holiday spirit. The most prestigious bling on the plant!