Best hiking trails on Santorini island

Where are the best hiking trails in Santorini? Our 3 best local tips for scenic hikes on the island.

1. Fira to Oia (via Firostefani and Imerovigli)

Distance: 10 km Time: 3 - 4 hours

There’s a good reason this hike is the most talked about trek in Santorini: it is absolutely incredible, and offers a real taste of the Aegean experience. The trail starts in the picturesque port of Fira, and follows the rim of the caldera to Oia at the tip of Santorini, passing the historic sights of Firostefani and Imerovigli on the way. 

The hike includes spectacular, cliff-top walking with the sparkling, azure Aegean sea stretching for miles before your eyes—if you’re going to hike in Santorini, this one is not to be missed.

Start off at the Archeological Centre in Fira and head northwest toward Firostefani and the Church of Saint Gerasimos. While there are often many tourists to start, most stop fairly early and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded only by the splendour of Santorini.

Follow the inland road through the village of Firostefani; you will pass the Covent of Saint Nicholas, a remarkable monument, and continue through Imerovigli, enjoying the astonishing views of the famous Skaros rock (if you’re feeling adventurous, its an exciting climb offering some of the finest views). The Skaros Restaurant in Imerovigli is ideal for a gourmet break.

Continue north past the Chapel of Saint Antony and the Chapel of Prophet Elias (both worth a visit and make for a well-deserved break with mesmerising vistas of Thirasia and the Caldera), along a short stretch of road and the dry stone walls until your reach the picturesque sight of Oia.

Visit Website - Skaros Restaurant, Imerovigli

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