The best restaurants with a view in Santorini

Taste some of Santorini’s most succulent gourmet cuisine while drinking in the stunning scenery that surrounds you at these top restaurants with views to die for.

Nothing compares to exquisite Grecian cuisine—elegant dishes of succulent meats, fish, and vegetables all expertly prepared with signature spices. But add to that Santorini’s most breathtaking vistas, you have a match made in heaven.

Take a taste of our picks for the top panoramic restaurants in Santorini and discover the magic for yourself.

Sphinx Restaurant, Fira

First opened in 1991, the Sphinx restaurant in Fira has quickly established itself as the a pinnacle of fine dining in the capital city.

Set high above the Caldera in a restored mansion, diners are treated to some of Fira’s most delicious cuisine, concocted by owner and chef George Psychas, as well as original paintings by Santorini artist Christopher Asimis, and picture perfect sunset views.

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Canaves Restaurant, Oia

Star chef Andreas Evangelatos had quite a task coming up with dishes to match the breathtaking vistas from the Canaves Luxury Hotel.

One bite will tell you he succeeded. A poetic fusion of traditional Santorini cuisine with the bold, modern flavours of the Mediterranean and the freshest ingredients creates dishes that equal the magic and romance of the spectacular setting above the Caldera.

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Feredini Restaurant, Oia

As if floating amongst the clouds, Feredini sits hundreds of feet above the deep sapphire of the Aegean. Here, you feel like a Greek god, amongst the airy drapes and table linens and enjoying some of Oia’s most delectable traditional cuisine.

Perfectly paired with Santorini wines and the unmatchable views, the dishes envelope the taste-buds like a delicious and tantalising cloud.

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Skaros Restaurant, Imerovigli

In the small, often overlooked town of Imerovigli, between Fira and Oia, Skaros Restaurant stands like a beacon to draw refined connoisseurs of Greek cuisine. Here, the emphasis is on the catch of the day, using deceptively simple cooking to bring out the bold, wondrous flavours of the local ingredients.

So enthralling are the flavours, one might almost forget the view, were it not absolutely astounding.

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Pyrgos Restaurant, Pyrgos

Set in the charming village of Pyrgos on the highest point of the whole of Santorini, Pyrgos Restaurant might just be the highest point of cuisine as well.

Honouring the traditional methods of Santorini’s gourmet cooking, but exciting the palate with hints of international flare, its no wonder Pyrgos Restaurant has become a centre for exclusive events. In the centre of the Santorini, you are guaranteed breathtaking 360º panoramas of the entire island.

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