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Find out more about how advances in microsurgery techniques affect the way that brain surgery operations can be performed and improve the results for patients.
Removing a brain tumour is one procedure where the latest technological advancements can make a huge difference to the success of the operation and the recovery of the patient.

Implementing clean, safe microsurgery

Microsurgery techniques have created advances in the way that brain surgery operations can be performed.

Implementing clean, safe microsurgery is a key concern of leading neurosurgeon Dr. Evaldas Cesnulis, who uses state-of-the-art microsurgery techniques in operations every day.

During surgery, he uses microscopes with large magnification in high definition and special light sources.

Saving small, vital structures

These let light deep into the narrow channels of the brain that act as access routes to the area that need to be worked on.

The key advantage is that you can see structures that aren’t visible to the naked eye, like tiny blood vessels which feed blood to the brain.

This allows the surgeon to save as many of these small but vital parts of the brain as possible, and means the brain will be affected as little as possible.

Specialised tools for a special job

In addition, the most advanced neurosurgery requires surgical instruments that are highly specialised.

They include specially curved and tailored tools, as well as endoscopes, which can be used safely in the complex structures of the brain to give an overview of the skull base.

Other innovations include tiny suction devices that won’t damage the delicate brain tissue, and a drill that will only cut the bone of the skull without ruining soft tissue.

Dr. Cesnulis also explains that microsurgery is about more than technical equipment:

“It’s not only micro instruments that create successful operations, but also the whole concept of operation and the technical assistance you need. A high standard of nurse training is also a key factor in being to save vital small structures in the brain.”

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