Medical advice on neurological surgery

Expert neurosurgeons and specialists offer guidance and medical tips about neurosurgical diseases and conditions.

In our neurosurgery section, expert doctors in the field provide insights on diagnosis, causes, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of disorders affecting the nervous system such as spinal cord tumours and aneurysms.

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Spinal cord tumours symptoms // +

Find out how you can know if you suffer from a spine tumour and how the condition may affect your quality of life....

Aneurysm causes // +

With years of expertise under his belt, Dr. Ralf Kockro is one of the leading neurosurgeons at Klinik Hirslanden, in Zurich. In this exclusive interview he cand...

Aneurysm treatments // +

Dr. Ralf Kockro answers the most common questions patients have about aneurysm treatments and surgery....

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