Expert advice on orthopedic injury treatments

Learn more about orthopedic conditions and ways to treat them with up-to-date interviews with some of the best doctors and professors in Europe.

Specialised doctors and orthopedic surgeons talk about treatments, surgeries and products for orthopedic conditions such as chronic pain, musculoskeletal trauma, rheumatic diseases, arthritis, hip replacement, join dislocations, sport injuries, degenerative illnesses, infections, congenital disorders...

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Hip replacement // Bavaria +

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Rudert, Medical Director of the Orthopedic Hospital König-Ludwig-Haus in Würzburg, one of the best in Germany, talks ab...

Torn knee ligament causes & symptoms // +

Trauma specialist Dr. med. Stefan Kunz explains what symptoms to look for after straining a knee ligament and what to do to minimise the damage....

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