Top marinas and yacht clubs in Italy

The Italian Coast has many beautiful areas to explore on a yacht. Discover some inspiration for your charter holiday with our selection of the best places to drop anchor.

Italy has an immense coastline and a long history of sea-going. Combine a yacht charter itinerary with an exploration of the rich diversity of culture you will discover on shore as you travel from north to south. Amazing food and a wealth of history and tradition await you, as well as the idyllic scenic beauty of the coastline.

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Italian Riviera Yachting Ports // Liguria +

Guide to marinas in the Italian Riviera: discover the best places to drop anchor in Liguria and the Gulf of Genoa....

Tuscany Coast Yachting Ports // Tuscany Coast +

Guide to marinas in Tuscany: discover the best places to drop anchor on the coast of one of Italy's most famous regions. ...

Sicily Yachting Ports // Sicily +

Guide to marinas in Sicily: discover the best places to drop anchor and enjoy life as it was meant to be lived in this famous Italian island....

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