Klinik Isartal in Munich - Specialized in Breast tumors

Top clinic in Munich with top treatments in Breast tumors

Klink Isartal is a leading private clinic in Munich, Germany that specialises in aesthetic and plastic surgery for men and women.


Modern medical facilities, coupled with high-quality, spacious surroundings mean patients have all the essentials for a comfortable stay.

Patient satisfaction is the top priority, and patients are attended to solely by specialist doctors to ensure a high standard of quality throughout their treatment.

As a leading specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, the clinic’s philosophy is to respect the patient’s wishes while educating them about their treatment options so they can make informed decisions.

Klinik Isartal prides itself on always making patients aware of less invasive or non-surgical options that are open to them, as well as providing cutting-edge modern surgical techniques across the spectrum of aesthetic treatments.

Klinik Isartal can offer a comprehensive menu of treatment including breast augmentation, breast lifts, liposuction, wrinkle treatment, sweat gland treatment and face lifts, among many other surgical and non-invasive procedures.

The clinic’s approach is to help both women and men to emphasise their natural beauty without reference to current trends.

Klinik Isartal takes a holistic view of treatment, and will recommend the optimally tailored package of treatments to achieve the desired results.

The clinic director, Dr Falk Dagtekin, has undergone extensive specialty training in plastic surgery in Germany and the USA.

Thanks to his connections in the United States, he spends weeks every year in Beverly Hills training in the most advanced aesthetic surgery techniques so he can offer an unparalleled level of expertise to his patients in Munich.


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