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Top clinic in Berlin with top treatments in Cancer
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Get to know more about Charité Berlin and their specialisation in Cancer and their leading doctors with academic information and personal CVs.
At this leading German hospital, 3800 doctors and scientists treat approximately 593,000 outpatient and 139,000 inpatient cases every year.

The standard of medical care at the Charité is renowned for its quality, and a dedicated quality management team ensuring that high-quality health care is maintained and continually improved.

The hospital runs several projects involving doctors and nursing staff that aim to discover ways of maximising patient satisfaction and improving clinical outcomes.

Both common and rare diseases are treated in more than 100 specialist clinics and institutes, which are organised into 17 Charité Centers.

The combination of university research, excellent medical care and an interdisciplinary approach to treatments and methods improves patient outcomes even in difficult clinical cases.

Specialist centres at this top German teaching hospital include the Berlin Center for Rare Diseases, Immunodeficiency Center, Skin Cancer Center, Competence Center for Hair and Hair Disorders, European Competence Center for Ovarian Cancer, Interdisciplinary Intestinal Tumor Center, Interdisciplinary Prostate Cancer Center, Interdisciplinary Center of Sleep Medicine and Competence Center for Hair and Hair Disorders.

The Charité also has a long and eminent history of excellence in research and training. More than half of German Nobel Prize winners in medicine and physiology come from the Charité, among them Emil von Behring, Robert Koch and Paul Ehrlich.

Doctors and consultants are supported by an excellent nursing staff, who support patients in their daily activities and help provide a pleasant environment that is conducive to health and healing.

Specialised services for international patients include assistance finding accommodation for the patient and their family as well as airport services, translator provision and visa assistance.

Charité Berlin in Berlin - Specialized in Cancer

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The clinic also offers

Aesthetic surgery

  • Hair loss treatment

    hair transplantation / SLC FENDI technique / bio hair implants

Heart diseases

  • Cardiology

    coronary heart disease / heart rhythm disturbance / heart failure / coronary stenting / pacemaker implantation / ICD implantation

  • Heart surgery

    valvular transplant / coronary bypass

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