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Clinica Sant'Anna, Sorengo, Switzerland
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Located in the swish southern Swiss city of Sorengo near Lake Lugano, Clinica Sant’Anna boasts the biggest maternity ward in the state of Ticino, birthing 850 newborns each year. A state-of-the-art neonatal facility that provides life-saving intensive care for premature babies, while five ultra-modern operating theatres specialize in a range of female-focused procedures. Clinica Sant’Anna delivers high-quality healthcare a woman can rely on.


Clinica Sant’Anna resides within the southern Swiss city of Sorengo, just 30 minutes from the Italian border. Straddling the glistening Lake Lugano and nestled deep below the snow-capped Alps, the town is famed for its splendid natural scenery and Swiss-Mediterranean mix of culture and cuisine. Milan’s Malpensa International Airport is only an hour away by road, meaning this world-class healthcare centre is easily accessible from virtually anywhere on earth.

Two undercover parking lots are available for patients and guests, and there’s an onsite cafeteria that provides hot coffee and light meals in a warm and friendly environment.


Ever since its foundation, the Sant’Anna Clinic has been highly regarded for its internationally renowned maternity department, which currently oversees the birth of almost 900 babies per year. The sought-after healthcare facility treats both, national and international patients, providing a wide range of procedures across numerous disciplines.

World-class surgeons, highly trained nursing staff, state-of-the-art medical technology, and personalized patient care make Sant’Anna Clinic a one-stop-shop for women’s health. Moreover, thanks to its very convenient location near Milan as well as a comprehensive travel and hotel service, the hospital is a valuable option for patients coming from further afield.

Areas of specialization:

Clinica Sant’Anna employs 75 highly trained doctors who specialize in various aspects of women’s health.

1. Obstetrics and Maternity

Clinica Sant’Anna observes a baby’s development throughout the entire pregnancy process, offering research-driven advice to help expecting mothers avoid complications. An expert team of obstetricians and midwives oversee more than 850 births a year and provide all the relevant follow-up treatments and consultations.

2. Neonatology

Clinica Sant’Anna is especially well-known for its sought-after neonatal department, which features a world-class intensive care unit to give premature babies the best possible chance at life. The department also provides pediatric healthcare for newborns, including the early diagnosis of common conditions and complications.

3. General Surgery

Clinica Sant’Anna conducts a range of general and minimally invasive surgeries, performed by highly-trained specialists with the latest medical technology. A comprehensive aftercare program ensures the ongoing support and follow-up consultations to mitigate unwanted side effects.

4. Gynecology

Clinica Sant’Anna boasts a team of expert Gynaecologists with an in-depth understanding of the female reproductive system as well as the dysfunctions and pathologies that affect it. Services include, among others, microbiological testing, cervical cancer screenings, diagnostic imaging tests, and breast examinations.

5. Oncology

Clinica Sant’Anna offers a multitude of industry-leading cancer screening services to provide early diagnosis and effective treatment. Drip infusions, hormonal therapies, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy offer patients the best possible chance of overcoming the disease.

6. Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

Clinica Sant’Anna’s Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive surgery department incorporates a multi-disciplinary team across a wide range of specialties. Onsite services include procedures such as breast augmentations, reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, and grafts, each aiming to restore essential bodily functions while retaining the patient’s aesthetics.

7. Radiology

Clinica Sant’Anna boasts an industry-leading radiology institute that adopts a qualitative diagnostic approach across most medical disciplines. Specialist imaging fields include ENT radiology, neuroradiology, and female imaging. Outpatient services are available.

Facts and Figures:

  • 75 doctors
  • 86 beds
  • 188 healthcare workers
  • 3,390 annual admissions
  • 850 annual births

World-Class Clinique in Ticino with Best Treatments in Gynaecology

Telephone number: + 41 91 985 12 11
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  • Stomach tumor

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