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Rehaklinik Seewis Switzerland | Cardiac and Psychosomatic Rehabilitation
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Nestled in a verdant valley within the Swiss village of Seewis im Prättigau, Rehaklinik Seewis offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation and preventative services. A team of accomplished in-house therapists provides excellent cardiological, psychosomatic, and oncological care. Meanwhile, sleek accommodations and gourmet cuisine help patients recover in comfort and style.


Once an upmarket hotel, the historic building that houses the modern Rehaklinik Seewis exemplifies Swiss luxury and elegance. Its location in the heart of Seewis im Prättigau affords easy access to Zurich (one hour and 20 minutes by road) and various other locales. Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains create a tranquil setting to expedite the recovery process.


With over 50 years of healthcare experience, Rehaklinik Seewis has become a Swiss leader in cardiological, psychosomatic, and oncological care.

A team of highly qualified doctors and therapists provides around-the-clock care, with every treatment regime tailor-made to meet individual patient needs. As a cornerstone of its approach, the clinic educates patients on how to continue their healing journey at home.

Programmes last three to four weeks on average, during which time patients reside within the elegant and luxurious hotel residence. A gourmet restaurant dishes out delicious and nourishing cuisine and patients are free to take weekend leave to spend time with loved ones.

Outdoor excursions to the distant hills and in-house activities such as water aerobics, sauna sessions, lectures, and film nights ensure patients never get bored.



Rehaklinik Seewis provides a refined inpatient rehabilitation programme to help patients recover from complex cardiological issues or procedures. Every programme addresses the root cause of the disease, adopting an entirely bespoke approach to restore the patient’s quality of life.

Cardiological rehabilitation addresses:

  • Heart attacks
  • Bypass surgery
  • Heart disease
  • Cardiac arrhythmias

The programme improves the patient’s overall prognosis, allowing each to make significant progress in their path to better health. Preventative measures strengthen future cardiological health by addressing key risk factors: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle.


Rehaklinik Seewis offers an exclusive Psychosomatic programme to restore the balance between body and mind. The clinic operates on the philosophy that emotional impairment entails a physical element, and pathological illnesses evoke psychological side effects. Every therapeutic programme takes a holistic and tailor-made approach to enhance the recovery process.

An interdisciplinary team of highly trained specialists works closely with each patient throughout the programme, and relatives are encouraged to get involved. The clinic has a vast network of outpatient practitioners to provide ongoing care in the long term.

Psychosomatic treatment addresses:

  • Depression, anxiety, OCD
  • Stress resulting from traumatic life events (relationship breakdowns, job-related issues, etc.)
  • Consciousness, memory, muscle, and sensory disorders
  • Mental disorders derived from acute pathological illnesses
  • Eating disorders

Internal Medicine and Oncology

Rehaklinik Seewis adopts an interdisciplinary approach to administer world-class internal medicine and oncological care. Highly competent medical specialists from multiple fields cooperate closely to provide the patient with a holistic healthcare regime.

A wide range of pharmaceutical and therapeutic methods work in unison to enable patients to regain a degree of independence in their life. Specialists help patients understand pathological intricacies, allowing them to manage their condition effectively.

Internal Medicine and Oncology programmes address:

  • Post tumor exhaustion
  • Diabetes
  • Lipid metabolism disorders
  • Circulation issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity

Facts and Figures:

  • 60 stationary beds
  • 100 employees
  • Fully private rooms

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Telephone number: +41 71 424 33 66
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