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A German Boarding School in Holzminden – Internat Solling
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Internat Solling is a prestigious private boarding school with a different approach to facilitating the development of pupils. Its educational system extends beyond the classroom to career orientation and self-development.


Internat Solling is located in the rolling hills of Solling and perched above Holzminden in Southern Lower Saxony, Holzminden. The private boarding school is situated on a 50-hectare large and well-built estate and has become a home to highly educated pupils. There are three buildings in the school, the Lower House (Unterhaus), Middle House (Mittelhaus) and Upper House (Oberhaus).


Internat Solling still maintains the original reform concept of the founders; it uses holistic education to facilitate the development of the pupils and make them responsible citizens. The school offers accommodation to over 200 pupils from different countries and 50 pupils and young adults from Holzminden and vicinity as day students.

The school practices ‘Kameradschaft' or ‘comradeships' where a small group of kids comprising of 8-12 in number live together. These pupils are usually of the same grade level, and they form a community. It is the close-knit groups that have provided a conducive and stable boarding home for the pupils. The pupils quickly learn and develop friendships at the same time. The community bond has led to an interplay between rights, proximity, mutual respects, and responsibilities to form the social learning process.

A resident teacher supervises a group, either living with their family or alone. The resident teacher is also responsible for sharing meals, doing homework, planning public events and counselling the pupils. The pupils are provided with rules and orientation. The personal, reliable and confidential bond between teacher and pupil is one of the educational philosophies of the school.

Core Values:

  • Internat Solling encourages a vibrant learning environment that is beyond the theoretical consideration. The natural surroundings make it a home away from home.
  • The school embraces pupils and young adults' reliability and stability through instructional methods.
  • Internat Solling empowers the pupils to achieve their goals in life with proper orientation and helps them pursue their intellectual curiosity.
  • The private boarding school fosters self-dependent and exploratory learning.


At Internat Solling, the educational goal is to ensure that young people are prepared for their lives in the future. This is achieved through their finding right training or post-secondary education and choosing the perfect career.

Lower Level

In the curriculum, there is an introduction of electives and specialities or specialisations in the 5th form. The school gradually introduces a range of careers to the pupils. The process continues to the Intermediate Level with courses such as ‘Presentations’, ‘Reading and Composing Text’ and ‘Time Management’.

Upper Level

A four-week vocational internship begins the Upper-Level background. The 10th form has a practical assignment in form of a research project that includes practically oriented component and theory. The pupils write reports and complete various surveys before presenting it in class. The 10th grade has what is called a Communication Training course, where pupils are taught how to speak with poise when they are in public. This course helps the pupils overcome their nervousness during oral examinations and job interviews.

One-on-One Consultation

Each year, friends of Internat Solling and school alumni attend the Parent's Day, where experts offer specific information on choosing a career with stories and job experiences.

Rotary Club Höxter/ Rotary Club Holzminden

Several times a year, people like H. J. Schwenke come to the school to talk about career orientation, training options and job opportunities.

Info Days

The pupils have the opportunity to receive numerous career orientations from job agencies, various universities and post-secondary schools. Aptitude and vocational tests are always conducted for the pupils.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Internat Solling understands that leisure activities it offers make the school more attractive and keep the pupils healthy and fit. During weekends and leisure periods, there are several sports activities for the children and young adults such as equestrian sports, horseback riding and tennis.

A prestigious private school in Holzminden – Internat Solling

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  • Day Tuition

    770€ per month / 9.240€ per year

  • Boarding Tuition

    3.450€ per month / 41.400€ per year

  • Scholarships



  • A-Level pass rate


  • University entrance


Teaching Environment

  • Total enrollment


  • Setting


  • Teacher - student ratio


  • Average class size

    10 - 20

Programmes of Study

  • Academic programmes

    German Abitur

  • Extracurricular programmes

    Rugby / Hockey / Football / Theatre / Art / Music / Tennis / Horse-riding / Basketball / Debating society / Film Club / Netball / Badminton / Choirs / Orchestra / Golf / Drama


  • Main language


  • Language courses offered

    Spanish / German / Latin / French


  • Girls


  • Boys


  • Age of entry to school


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University Preparation

  • Career counselling


  • Senior School Counselling



  • Full boarding


  • Day pupils


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