Top hangout spot in Barcelona: Banker's Bar

Allow your senses to be seduced by the glimmer of lights off polished steel and marble: welcome to Banker's Bar, a luxurious and unmissable Barcelona hotspot.
Taking its name as an homage to its former incarnation as one of the city‘s preeminent banks, Banker‘s Bar has become a focal point for refined and luxurious nights out in Barcelona.

If you’d had the pleasure of sampling the unrivaled dishes at either of the Mandarin Oriental’s two restaurants, Blanc or Moments, housed alongside Banker‘s Bar, you might have some inkling of the ravishing and sumptuous evening that awaits at Banker‘s Bar.

Otherwise, this unforgettable experience will surely take your breath away.

Its décor is a delicate balance struck between historical tradition and chic modern style.

Salvaged bank boxes form one of the walls—you might even be able to rent one yourself—while the others are glass panels lit blue from behind.

A tartan-like theme of geometric patterns heightens the contemporary, refined atmosphere.

The bar itself makes up the centerpiece of this room, drawing the eye from the rich leather seating to where the bartenders work their magic.

Using superlative spirits, the inimitable bar team conjures cocktails whose elegant looks are only matched by their tantalizing tastes.

On Wednesdays, catch some of the top local performers and, on those warm Spanish evenings, lavish outdoor seating lets you catch the sparkle of starlight in your glass.

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Insider tip:

Try a Bankers’ Martini with your choice of over a dozen high-end gins.

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