The best gourmet restaurants in Nice and Cannes

Stuck in the South French sun with too many trendy choices? Let our seaside selection of Michelin star restaurants, high-end bars, and trendy clubs guide you to an unforgettable sensorial soirée.
The French Riviera is full of elegant eateries, its balmy beaches strewn with the most classy cocktail lounges. But when you’re freshly soaked in sun, sand and sea, choosing just one can be tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the most tantalizing and trendy watering holes in Nice and Cannes to whet your appetite and  wet your whistle.

French class — Le Relais Bar (Nice)

At that place in Nice where history meets modern chic, you’ll find Le Relais Bar. Bathe yourself in the sumptuous decor and the gleam of polished walnut dating back to 1913. All the while, let the elegant notes of jazz and an elaborate selection of cocktails prepared by esteemed mixologists awaken your senses. Located in Le Negresco hotel only a splash away from the sea, this bar is the epitome of Riviera elegance.
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Côte club — ZPlage (Cannes)

Sprawled along the Cannes beach, ZPlage brings the club to the beach. Tropical cocktails are served all day on the sun-soaked terrace or in the cabana lounge, while the menu of fresh organic fare is presented in the gourmet restaurant. Entirely outdoors, sheltered by airy drapes and white umbrellas, the summer spa, sunlit terrace, pier and restaurant at ZPlage brings luxury right down to the Mediterranean water.
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Shopping stop — L’Aromate (Nice)

After a day of shopping in Nice’s famous Lepante Street, why not relax around some of the most stylish cuisine in the Riviera? Crowned with a Michelin Star, chef Michaël Gracieux brings his delectable talents to Nice in the form of l’Aromate. Served in the twinkle of polished crystal and the cool, natural hues, Gracieux offers you an unforgettable taste of modern French cuisine.
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Oceanfront eats — Plage L’Annex (Cannes)

With its views of sun-drenched sand and soft breezes off the shimmering, aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean, Plage L’Annex brings you beach dining at its very best. The delectable selection of Mediterranean delicacies are highlights of any day in Provence. Here, the delicate clinking of cocktail glasses is soften by the sound of the surf and the rustle of wind in the palm leaves. Though only minutes from the centre of town, you might believe you’re in heaven.
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Fashionable flavours — Flaveur (Nice)

The three chefs at Flaveur in Nice delicately combine three different takes on cuisine to bring you one of the most tantalizing sensorial experiences. Fresh from winning a Michelin Star, the three young chefs bring traditional Mediterranean cuisine to the present, reinvigorating classic recipes to delight your taste-buds. Easily accessible, this intimate restaurant’s charm is in its warmth and personality, making every mouthful memorable.
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Seaside soirée — Le Bâoli (Cannes)

Le Bâoli brings Cannes glamour like no where else ever can. Utterly unique, this open-air gourmet restaurant transforms, at midnight, into a starlit and neon-brightened nightclub where dancing and entertainment reign. Every evening, under the palm trees and the shushing of the waves, Le Bâoli’s two chefs mix Mediterranean and Asian cuisines to offer a mouthwatering discovery. After its transformation, music fills the sky of this modern chic club. Just off the beach in central Cannes, come let your hair down at one of the most fashionable locales in Provence.
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