The best Greek gourmet restaurants in Rhodes

Discover Greece not with your eyes or ears, but with your taste-buds. Tantalise those tasters with our insider’s tasty selection of his favourite restaurants on Rhodes.
Some say that to truly experience a culture, you have to see it. But I say you have to taste it. With these five favourite Greek restaurants on Rhodes, now is your chance to taste your way to one of the world’s most delicious cultures: Greece.

Ta Kioupia

London’s The Guardian called it one of the 10 best restaurants in the world, but when it comes to Greek food, this must be near number 1. Tucked away in the tiny Tris Village, about 10km from Rhodes Town, you’ll know the trip was worth it the moment you take a whiff of that succulent cooking by renowned chef Michael Koumbiadis.

A stylish yet rustic setting perfectly accents the delectable dishes prepared of the local ingredients from traditional recipes with a modern flare. Reservations are almost always required, but for very good reason.

Mythos Restaurant

For a delicious meal with a view, Mythos restaurant not only fits the bill, it exceeds it. Set below the spectacular Lindos Acropolis with views across the glimmering Lindos harbour, Mythos’s ambiance is unmatchable and the dishes perfectly reflect the area.

This is because they are prepared almost exclusively from produce from the area; everything is 100% natural and most is from Mythos’s own farms, so that even without the chef’s spot-on preparation, it would still taste fantastic.

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Manolis Dinoris

Once the stables of the 13th century Knights of St. John’s Inn, Manolis Dinoris is now a lively and delicious seafood taverna in Rhodes’s Old Town.

Reputed to be the oldest restaurant on the island, this restaurant does an impeccable job balancing the authentic traditional style of both the building and the dishes with a contemporary family-run feel. The garden is a beautiful summer setting while the roaring fire is cosy in winter, and the menu of freshly caught seafood is unmatchable all year ‘round.

Mimakos Taverna

While a little out of the way and a challenge to find (there’s a handy map on the website below), the view alone from Mimakos Taverna is worth the hassle. Not far from Rhodes, this delightful open-air restaurant is perched atop a mountain offering magnificent vistas of the entire island and the sea.

The only thing that could compare is the food, which is grilled and cooked up Greek-style and perfectly seasoned to bring out the flavours of the natural ingredients, making for a delectable experience for all of your senses.

Panorama Restaurant, Esperos Village Resort

And speaking of food with a view, the utterly exquisite Panorama Restaurant at the Esperos Village Resort cannot go unmentioned, and certainly not untasted.

An ambiance of light colours and sumptuous design puts the focus on the breathtaking views of the stunning Faliraki coastline and the mouthwatering dishes that appear in front of you. This refined gourmet restaurant takes diners on a sensorial journey through Greece, letting you experience the finest flavours, smells, and sights of Greek cuisine.

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