Mykonos's best clubs and party guide

For the hottest of the hotspots on Mykonos, our insiders have compiled a list of the top five nightclubs and bars.

Drink prices, entry fees, dress code, age limit... We cover the best clubs in Mykonos for you to party in style amidst celebrities, jetsetters and the best DJs in the world!

5. Skandinavian Bar

(Agios Ioannis, Barkia, Mykonos 84600, +30 2289 022 669) The central pillar of the Mykonos club, dance, and music scene is the Skandinavian Bar. In the heart of Mykonos town, the bar’s famous DJ conjures an energetic and exciting atmosphere with the hottest music while you stay cool with the finest cocktails.

Comprised of two open-air bars, a patio, dance floors, and a VIP area, this hotspot has expanded over the past 30 years to cover an entire city block with high-energy fun.

Entry fee: The ground floor has a free entrance. The first floor charges fees from 5€

Drinks: Mythos beer 5€ / Rest of the beers 6€ / Cocktails 8€ / Refreshments 3€

Dress code: Casual but chic 

Opening hours: daily from 8pm to 6am

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4. Queen of Mykonos Champagne and Cocktail Bar

(Enoplon Dynameon street, Mykonos 84600, +30 6949 078 018) When it comes to style and luxury, the Queen of Mykonos Bar is king. Tucked into the centre of Chora, The Queen of Mykonos is the place to see and be seen in town. Even football player Cristiano Ronaldo is a fan!

Throughout the day, sit on the terrace with a coffee and watch the world go by, while at night, come back for some of the very best cocktails and champagnes in Mykonos in the exquisitely chic bar and lounge.

Entry fee: None

Dress code: Casual but chic

Opening hours: daily from 10am until early morning hours 

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3. Cavo Paradiso Club

(Paradise Bay, Mykonos 84600, +30 2289 0272 05) Surrounded by the glamour of the glittering water reflecting the spray of lights, Cavo Paradiso is at once one of the chicest places to hang out, and one of the most exciting with world-reknowned DJs such as David Guetta frequently visiting to play live.

Opened in 1993, this club has become one of the hotspots for the house music that made the island famous, keeping on the cutting edge of the dance music scene. 3000 sqm of pure fun spread out against the blue of the Aegean where the warm breeze fills beneath the sail-like canopy, Cavo Paradiso really is a nightlife paradise. 

Entry fee: 25-50€ depending on DJ and event. Look out for the promotional team around the beach and Mykonos as they offer discounted prices. Early arrivals (before 2.15am) enjoy cheaper prices.

Drinks: Mythos beer 8€ / Cocktails 10€

Dress code: None but swimwear is prohibited

Age limit: 21+

Opening hours: daily from 12pm to 8am

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2. ASTRA Bar

(Tria Pigadia, Chora, Mykonos 84600) Immerse yourself in the glitter and the glamour of the ‘60s and ‘70s at the ASTRA Bar in Mykonos. Designed and build by the world-renowned artist, Minas, ASTRA Bar incorporates retro décor with stylish furnishings and design beneath an observatory-like dome.

Opting for a mid-sized space despite the trend toward mega-discos, this bar and club gives guests quality before quantity with its hottest music by some of the top Athens DJs and delicious cocktails.

Entry fee: None

Dress code: Formal and chic

Opening hours: daily from 8pm to 8am 

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1. Caprice Bar

(Little Venice, Chora, Mykonos 84600, +30 22890 23541) The jet-setters choice haunt from dusk until dawn is the Caprice Bar in the Little Venice district of Mykonos. Named by Newsweek as one of the 10 best bars in the world, Caprice Bar doesn’t just live up to its reputation, it exceeds it.

A traditional-style setting with some of Greece’s finest cocktails and laid-back, sun-soaked mood prevails throughout the day and belies the exciting environment that takes over after sunset. A perfect balance of chic stylishness, excitement, and relaxed feel makes this bar the ideal place to chill out, day or night.

Entry fee: None

Drinks: Mythos beer 11€ / Cocktails 12€ 

Dress code: Casual and beachwear

Opening hours: daily from 12pm to 2am (March - September)

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