The best beaches in Rhodes island

Discover why Rhodes is one of the top Grecian destinations with our insider guide to the best beaches on the island.
If the Mediterranean had to be famous for one thing, it would be the beaches. And the stunning Greek Island of Rhodes offers some of the region’s best. From surfing hotspots to sun-soaked tranquility, our insider guide will help you skip the tourist traps and find that perfect beach.

Postcard-perfect: Lindos beach

Famous mostly for its stunning historical sites, the village of Lindos also boasts some Rhodes’s most postcard-perfect beaches. It’s popular, and deservedly so, as the azure blue of the Aegean meets the golden sand to create an ideal setting for families, watersports, or just bathing in sunshine.

There are plenty of nice little restaurants and the ancient acropolis towering above completes the idyllic scene.

St. Paul’s Bay nearby is a breathtakingly scenic beach that is also worth a visit.

Movie-famous: Anthony Quinn and Ladiko beach

A pair of beaches so picturesque that several films have been shot here, including the famous Guns of Navarone, Anthony Quinn and Ladiko beaches are definitely worth a visit.

A unique combination of giant stones and soft sand meeting the cool blue waters makes for a perfect place for swimming and snorkelling, while sunbeds are handy for those wanting to relax.

Hip hangout: Faliraki beach

Having undergone a huge reinvention over the past 6 years, Faliraki is back as one of the most exciting and beautiful hangouts on Rhodes.

A terrific selection of delicious restaurants and tavernas dot the beach, and while the main beach may get crowded, continuing along further along the sand, you’ll find plenty of space for relaxing.

Watersport sensation: Ixia beach

Made up of mostly shingle and pebbles rather than sand, Ixia may not be ideal for reenacting Chariots of Fire. But it is absolutely incredible for windsurfing.

Strong winds and blue waters have made this beach famous for windsurfers and kiteboarders, who come from around the globe to hit the sea. Parts of the beach are more protected, allowing for first timers to try their hands.

Prasonisi beach is also great for windsurfers, but so much traffic in recent years is leading to rapid deterioration of the shore, making Ixia a choice with less impact.

Oh so traditional: Stegna beach

Near Archangelos village, about 30km from Rhodes town, you can discover a piece of Rhodes hardly touched by tourism.

Stegna beach is small, a mix of sand and pebbles, but what makes it so special is the atmosphere. Fish tavernas dot the shore, along with old, traditional-style Greek houses, and, though there is a small crowd on the beach most days, over 90% of the people are locals. It’s the perfect way to sample a real taste of Rhodes beach life.

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