London's best Michelin star restaurants: part 2

Where to go when you need a foodie fix? Look no further than our round-up of the Michelin stars that are twinkling around London.
Enjoy the continued list of Londons finest Michelin starred restaurants.

The Square

The soft but nonetheless elegant interior compliments the welcoming service and graceful ambiance at the Square. Request the private dining venue for a special meal in complete privacy.

The highly acclaimed and accomplished kitchen deserves its two Michelin stars, as each course is meticulously designed and artfully presented.

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Alain Ducasse

Meticulously designed, this restaurant, located in the Dorchester Hotel, draws inspiration from Hyde Park, British traditions and even the cuisine of the restaurant itself.

With its attention to detail, relaxed ambiance and refined cuisine, Alain Ducasse creates an artisan restaurant filled with sophistication and class.

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The Hand and Flowers

This characterful pub brings a refreshing twist to the world of fine dining. Its interior is charmingly rustic, but still manages to maintain its luxurious qualities.

The menu combines modern British dishes with the rustic French cuisine, the result is a creative and flavourful experience.

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