Best things to do in Munich

Fine dining, spas, museums, art... Munich has everything you need to make for a truly ideal city holiday and our guides will help you find it.

The epitome of German culture and history, Munich is also one of the financial centres of the country and has its own unique, Bavarian style that makes this one of the most visited cities in Germany. Our insider guides will help you discover the best of this singular city, from restaurants to museums and everything in between, so that you can plan your perfect holiday.

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Top 5 restaurants in Munich // Munich +

Munich has carved out a place for itself among the world’s top foodie destinations, and our local tips for the best fine dining restaurants will help you enjoy ...

Top 5 beer bars in Munich // Munich +

Discover the very best of Munich's most famed produce: beer. Now that's something we can raise a glass to! "Prosit!"...

Top 10 things to do in Munich // Munich +

What are the 10 best things to see and do in Munich? Our local travel expert points out the attractions you can't miss in the Bavarian Capital....

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