The best hidden beaches in the Algarve & Azores

Relax without any disturbance and enjoy a vacation in private with our guide to the best secret beaches on the Algarve coast in Portugal.
You will never have to jostle for position with other vacationers at these gorgeous coasts. Away from the crowds, you are free to enjoy a day of utter relaxation at these secluded beaches.

Santa Maria

Known as the “yellow island”, Santa Maria is the only beach in the Azores archipelago area. Dotted with whitewashed houses and lush green trees along the coastline, it has a picturesque and inviting atmosphere.

Porto Santo

Porto Santo’s deep waters and sandy shores define the word bliss. Without having to jostle for position with dozens of other visitors, this beach is 9 kilometers of pure relaxation. The soft yellow sands are even said to have healing properties, and it is not unlikely to see the occasional visitor buried up to their neck.


With a stunning view over the Baía of Baleal and the Berlengas Islands, this beach offers smooth white waves and creamy yellow sand. Situated an hour’s drive away from Lisbon, there are never many tourists, which makes it a peaceful spot to relax and swim in the waters.


Although somewhat larger than it used to be, Salema is a stretch of sand which has not lost its tradition or heritage. Colorful fishing boats litter the water, and the village right behind the coast is full of restaurants, bars and cafes.


Just a short walk away from the beautiful town of Tavira, this beach is out of the way and welcoming to visitors. Expanses of white sand seem to go on endlessly, contrasting beautifully against the turquoise waters. Relaxed and peaceful, this is a perfect holiday spot for families and friends.

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