Top unspoiled places in Portugal

Discover the best sites to explore the rich variety of wildlife in the Algarve with our guide to the best unspoiled places and nature reserves in Portugal.
Explore the amazing wildlife Algarve has to offer. From gorgeous wildflowers to colorful waterbirds, there is much to explore and learn during your stay in Portugal.

Praia da Amoreira

It’s hard to focus on the stunning sand and waves when just a short walk inland offers so much more. A widespread dune field not far away is home to otters, great heron and colorful kingfishers. Large lagoons form at low tide, which are beautiful and safe to explore.

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Fonte da Benemola

Take a gentle stroll through this area of lush vegetation and wildlife. This protected nature conservation area was made to protect and treasure Portugal‘s ecosystem and wildlife. Enjoy the diverse range of plant and animal life by walking along the natural spring which flows all year round. You are sure to see exotic fish, reptiles, insects (including a beautiful array of butterflies), and water birds. Enjoy nature as it was meant to be enjoyed, without any distractions. 

Ria Formosa

Located on the Algarve Coast, this Nature Reserve is connected to the south by two peninsulas, and includes five other islands further from shore. It’s hard to ignore the richness of life, which includes countless species of mollusces, crustaceans, reptiles, fish and water birds. Trails, tours and boat rides are available in order to properly enjoy the enormous diversity of wildlife.

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Monte Velho Nature Resort

Away from all the resorts and development, this beach is truly gorgeous. About 2 kilometers from the shore are hills of farmland, lost to the world. This natural park has donkey rides or quad bikes available for hire, and a restaurant not 5 minutes walk away.

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Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana

Explore the colorful wildlife of the Algarve in a peaceful and relaxing way. Surrounding the little town of Castro Verde, the wildflowers and fungi are beautiful. Keep an eye out for the colorful wild birds that the region is most famous for.

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