The best family beaches in the Algarve

White sands, warm sun and turquoise waters: discover the best places to take your family during your stay in Portugal.
Portugal is famous for its fine sand and warm waters. From the friendly hospitality of the locals to the inviting food, there are numerous coastal destinations waiting to welcome you. Just perfect for a vacation the whole family will enjoy.

Santo Andre

Set on an expansive lagoon in Alentejo, this abridged but popular stretch of sand is a perfect vacation spot for families and friends. The turquoise water and the fine yellow sand share their beauty with numerous species of fish and water birds.

Estoril and Cascais

The popularity of this beach is undeniable, as it is both beautiful and exciting. While the water is calm and inviting, the towns next to it are also fun to visit. Grab a meal or go shopping in the upscale town of Estoril, or head west to Cascais, which is popular with the Lisbon locals.

Costa do Sol

Costa do Sol beach is without a doubt the main attraction of Lisbon. The sun is always shining, and the shore offers gorgeous stretches of sand deep turquoise waters. The town bordering the sand is easily accessible and great for socializing or seeing the sights.

Praia da Rocha

Vast and impressive, this popular tourist attraction is so big it never gets crowded, even in the middle of summer. When you are not enjoying the sun on the shore, there are many things to do further inland including water parks, historic sites and golfing on the magnificent courses

Praia de Mira

Over 300m of silky white sand stretch across the beautiful horizon of the Praia de Mira. There is plenty to do here, from enjoying a bite at a beach café to renting a bike or paddleboat and marveling at the colorful fishing boats.