6 best beaches in Sardinia

Where to find the best beaches in Sardinia - local tips for the best family, surfing and diving beaches.
Sardinia is a wonderful destination for sunbathing and relaxation, family-friendly seaside holidays and active watersports & scuba diving trips. Discover the best beaches to head to, whatever you are in the mood for.

1. Cavalieri – a dream for photographers

This sunny beach is part of the Island of Budelli that makes up the Maddalena archipelago and is one of Sardinia’s finest beaches. The beach is surrounded by gorgeous gold and pink rocks that perfectly accentuate the sea’s amazing blue colour. Behind the beach lies a more peaceful lagoon that you are free to relax in. Due to the water’s clear quality and shallow depth, the beach is a fantastic place for kids and scuba diving.

Top tip: Boats can’t anchor or pass in front of the beach, allowing for uninterrupted views of the ocean and other islands, and some enviable photos.

2. La Pelosa – welcoming and family-friendly

Located in the Stintino region, at the bottom of Capo Falcone, this stunning beach is sure to provide the ultimate beach experience. Lying close to a small fishing village, the beach offers several helpful facilities such as a kiosk, car park, and restaurant which works well along with fine white sand to make this area great for families. From the sandy shore there are many sights to feast your eyes on including the 17th century watchtower, or the park on Asinara Island that used to be a penitentiary.

Top tip: As well as the amazing sand, the rocks further up the beach actually provide some good sunbathing places, with the added bonus of fewer people to leave you in peace to relax as long as you like.

3. Cala Luna – the adventure paradise

The Gulf of Orosei has some incredible beaches including, Cala Luna that lies near Cala Gonone. This beach has the fortune of lying close to the Grotto del Bue Marino, “Cave of the Sea Cow,” that hosts stalactites, stalagmites, an underground beach, and even traces of Neolithic carvings. This beach has facilities for everyone including families as well as those seeking more of an adventure. There is snorkeling, climbing, and trekking all within an arm’s reach from the beach. A recommended route for keen hikers would be the trek starting from Buchi Arta that follows the path Scala s’arga that was made by charcoal burners many years ago.

Top tip: The village of Tiscali rests on the top of a mountain and is an interesting, yet mysterious site to visit. Historians presume that it was built around the time of the Roman conquest, showing just how old Sardinia’s rich heritage is.

4. Piscinas – the classic seaside destination

This amazing beach lies in one of the most famous areas in Sardinia, along the Costa Verde, known as the “Green Coast” due to its abundance of rare plants. There are beach chairs, umbrellas, boat rental options, kiosks, parking and restaurants all available to ensure that all your needs are satisfied and that your experience is truly relaxing. For those keen to do more than lie on the beach, there are hiking, kite surfing, snorkeling, and surfing opportunities to help you get your adrenaline kick for the day. Impressive sand dunes as well as juniper bushes, beach grass, and wild olive trees surround the beach, ensuring you never feel too far from the wild natural beauty of Sardinia.

Top tip: The wreck of an ancient lead vessel lies not far off-shore, making this beach a great choice for scuba divers looking for intriguing things to explore.

5. Porto Giunco – white sand, turquoise water & pink flamingos

The coastal village of Villasimius is the gateway to several beaches, but none more wondrous than the brilliant white sand and amazing clear waters of Porto Giunco. Add a little colour to your photos with a visit to the nearby flamingo swamp, the Notteri, where flocks of the vibrant pink birds reside. Along the beach there are several bibita and panini places to stop off at, but there are also restaurants including a nice beach club right at the sea front. Well worth trying whilst you’re there is the Giunco wine that carries the same name as the beach, though which came first is unknown.

Top tip: This beach has perfect conditions for a bit of kite surfing, so if you’re looking for a bit more to do on the beach then this is your solution.

6. Chia – like surfing in the Caribbean

The positively fabulous beaches around Chia often remind people of what you would find in the Caribbean with silky, white sand and crystalline, turquoise water. With 30 metre high sand dunes, age-old junipers, and the stone traces of the Phoenician city of Bithia, Baia Chia beach has lots of amazing sights. The sight of flamingoes strutting along are an everyday occurrence, and even sightings of dolphins leaping from the water are quite common. The area is held in high esteem by surfers as the wind tends to blow in just the right direction, while the island of Su Giudeu facing the beach is within easy swimming distance. Cala Cipolla, the bay next door, is accessible by foot only and is ideal for keen scuba divers thanks to its towering cliffs and 25 metre deep reefs.

Top tip: These beaches are quieter than some in Sardinia because they are relatively further away from the larger resorts. While there are some snack bars, the best advice is to take your own picnic and be prepared for a day with not too much commercial activity.

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