Online guide for the best ski and snowboard schools in St. Anton!

For children, beginners or advanced – with our recommendations you can easily learn how to ski or improve your skills!
The big ski area of St. Anton offers ideal conditions to either learn to ski from the beginning or improve your existing skills. Our winter sports expert tested the ski schools of St. Anton and compiled everything you need to know in his handy online guide!

1. Skischule St. Anton (for children and adults)

The ski school has a selected team of excellent ski teachers! The teachers seem to have a lot of fun on their jobs and you can feel this in their lessons! Here you learn in an easy atmosphere, how to stay on the boards!

Top tip: You can also learn how to snowboard at this school!

Visit Website - Skischule St. Anton

2. Ski School Arlberg St. Anton (for free rider)

The ski school Arlberg has a lot to offer – you can either learn how to ski or snowboard from the beginning or they accommodate the advanced to improve their skills! Off the slopes free riders can have great fun with the friendly and experienced teacher – you will also get a lot of insider tips!

Top tip: For these schools there are more than 380 local and international teachers working – you will find one, who is speaking your favorite language!

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3. Skischule Alpine Faszination (ski and alternative winter sports activities)

This ski school teaches you very passionately how to ski and you will have the most fun. The experienced teachers know the area very well and advanced skiers can go with the teachers to the hidden spots of the mountains!

Top tip: The ski school also offers many alternative winter sports activities like ice climbing or snowshoe hiking!

Visit Website - Schischule Alpine Faszination

4. Ski Austria Academy (ski camps)

The Ski Austria Academy offers many different ski camps, where you or your children learn how to ski in special camps – there are also offers for advanced skiers who want to improve theirs kills! The days are full of lessons and after just a few days your progress will be excellent!

Top tip: Please note the varied offers, like the Christmas special, which begins on the 26.01.2016!

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5. Anton Classic Skischule (private ski teachers)

In the Anton Classic ski school you will be taught by private teachers. You can either book them for yourself or for your family or friends!

Top tip: The private teachers can also take you on guided ski tours, if you like!

Visit Website - Anton Classic Skischule

6. ABC Snowboarding (for snowboarders)

The ABC Snowboarding School is excellent for advanced snowboarders or just children and adults, who want to learn how to snowboard. The cool teachers instruct in a relaxed atmosphere and snowboarding is simply great fun here!

Top tip: The ABC Snowboarding ski school also offers heliboarding – for the extra hit of adrenalin in your veins!

Visit Website - ABC Snowboarding

7. Arlberg Free Moving (for cross-country skiing)

The Arlberg Free Moving ski school is one of the best schools for cross-country skiing. With a lot of passion you will be taught how to do cross-country skiing and when you already know how to do it you can join guided tours to the best slopes of the ski area!

Top tip: The offer of the Arlberg ski school also includes guided snowshoe tours!

Visit Website - Arlberg Free Moving

8. Arlberger Freeride Center (for free rider)

The Freeride Center is of course the best place for free riding fans – no matter if you are a pro or a beginner! The school has always the best teachers for you and shows you the best places for free riding in St. Anton.

Top tip: Safety always comes first in this school – please do not be disappointed if they are not fulfilling all of your wishes!

Visit Website - Arlberger Freeride Center

9. Arlberg Guides (for advanced)

The Arlberg Guides are the perfect teachers for those wanting to improve their skills on the normal slopes or off-slope! The teachers always guide you and work with you on your technique! This investment is worthwhile and you will progress in a very short amount of time!

Top tip: With these experienced guides you can also try heliski!

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