Traditional Chinese medical remedies in Majorca

Traditional Chinese medicine in Mallorca: an interview with Dr Lu Zhang – a specialist TCM doctor who has been the resident consultant at St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort since it opened.
Dr Lu Zhang, a specialist doctor in traditional Chinese medicine, is the resident consultant at The St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort. He discusses his personal opinion of traditional Chinese medicine and the philosophy behind it.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a very unique service to be offered in a hotel Spa in Europe. What b

I was working at the University of Beijing in 1997 and I was assigned by the Chinese government to teach in Barcelona.

I was involved with the European Foundation of TCM there, in association with the Clinic Guang AnMen in Beijing.

Through one of my students, I was recommended to Peter Paul Tschirky, who was formerly Managing Director at St. Regis Mardavall, and that’s how I was hired to come here.

What is the philosophy of TCM and how can this best be incorporated in a spa resort?

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. These elements all need to be in balance to ensure your entire wellbeing.

By balance, I mean several things. Balance between the human being and their natural environment, and balance within a person, in terms of mental and physical equilibrium.

It’s also important to balance work and life, because an imbalance in mental wellbeing can eventually result in physical problems.

Guests come on holiday looking for a warm climate, to forget the stress of work, to experience excellent service and the hotel’s extraordinary facilities, and to be looked after by a professional team.

In my opinion, they are basically looking for balance during their stay.

The best doctor treats when a disease is still tiny

Dr Lu

What do you suggest as an ideal length of stay for an effective treatment and introduction into a TCM lifestyle, since I assume you can see better results after a longer period of time?

There are actually several tiers to treatment with TCM, depending on the nature of the problems.

Acute problems, for example in cases of back pain, can be cured with only one acupuncture session.

Chronic problems can be eased through a TCM treatment, and guests are then given a program to continue in their daily life after the holiday is finished. For example, a patient can be given a prescription for certain herbal medicines or teas, and if they really feel a benefit, they could be referred to a local practitioner near their home.

Prevention is an important part of TCM, as it can help patients achieve the balance they need for a healthy life as a means of preventing serious problems from developing.

What can guests expect from TCM treatments at the St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort?

At St. Regis Mardavall, several guests come regularly for preventive treatments, and many come back time and again for the TCM treatments.

Guests also come for the “package” experience of TCM. This holistic approach encompasses healthy nutrition, treatments, Qi Gong, tai chi, Yoga and personal training, which allows guests to go home really feeling like their holiday has had a good effect on them.

It’s obviously important to stress that TCM can’t perform miracles – it’s definitely true that “the best doctor treats when a disease is still tiny”.

Patients who are suffering from severe cases or advanced stages of serious illness can’t be helped by TCM. For me, this reinforces the importance of the role TCM can play in prevention.

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