5 charming boutiques to shop in Paris

There really is nothing like shopping in Paris. Our Paris insider guides you to our choice of the best shops in Paris to visit.

Paris is home to some of the worlds best in shopping. The fashion capital boasts the best in everything from designer shops to curio corners, where you can literally shop until you drop.

Don’t waste your time figuring out where the top shops in Paris are, we’ve compiled a little list of some of our favourites in the City of Fashion.

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Cire Trudon

If you’re looking for the ideal gift that comes with a little history, try Cire Trudon. This boutique candle shop is so much more than that.

As the oldest candle shop in the world, roots dating to Paris in 1643 Cire Trudon offers the pinnacle of waxworks made from premium ingredients. These unbeatable candles, once the official candles of the kings and queens of France, now make perfect gifts from right in the heart of Paris.

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La Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Looking for that most exclusive, refined, personal scent? The perfume from La Maison Francis Kurkdjian is what you need.

Winner of Prix François Coty and honoured with a French knighthood for his lifetime of work in the industry, Francis Kurkdjian makes perfume like no one else in the world. The first to open a Bespoke Fragrance Atelier in Paris, these perfumes are more moods than scents, ideal for capturing that Paris sentiment.

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If you love the sharpest cutting edge of French fashion, look no further than Balmain. Located just off the famous Champs Élysées, this is the place to be for anyone with a flare for fashion design.

Since World War II, Balmain has been at the forefront of French design, dressing stars like Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot in his signature luxurious pieces. Now, you can come in and get decked out like a star.

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If you‘re in the northern part of the well-known trendy quarter, Le Marais, check out Merci. This three-floor designer boutique offers you the best of Paris in everything from fashion and beauty to furniture and home ware.

There’s a refreshingly healthy restaurant that provides views onto an herb garden, but most important is the literary café. Here, pick up a new favourite novel and a coffee in the simple stylishness of this relaxing space—you’ll thank us later.

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Of the six boutiques in Paris, don’t miss the one located in the centre of the Marais district.

This international fashion boutique brought its revolutionary design to Paris over 30 years ago, but this mélange of interactive industrial sculpture and exclusive clothing store is a wonder every time you enter. Niches filled with luxury apparel and accessories from top brand names are nearly impossible to resist.

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