The best 5 cafés in Venice

Wake up and smell that perfect cup. Our little list is here to help you beat the crowds and find yourself that perfect place to sit, enjoy a coffee, and watch the stunning world of Venice go by.

Few other café cultures are as old or famous as that of Venice. Going hand in hand with the winding, sparkling canals punctuated by drifting, ghostlike gondoliers, the romance of hundreds of years of history and art, Venice’s coffee scene is second to none.

But how do you find the best when every crowded corner boasts another unique coffee joint? Our guide solves the riddle for you so you can do what you’re supposed to on holiday: sit back and relax.

Famously fabulous… Caffè Florian

If you’ve heard of one café in Venice, it would be Caffè Florian. Tucked in the heart of Venice since the early 18th century, this café has become an integral part of the city’s culture, having been a favourite haunt of names like Casanova, Goethe, Lord Byron, Proust, and Dickens, to name a few.

It’s worth the inevitable crowd to have a chance to be a part of history in this inexhaustibly elegant establishment. Perhaps we’ll be mentioning your name next…

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A view to Venice… Skyline Bar

It’s a bit out of the way, but, perched atop the new Hilton Molino Stucky Venice and overlooking the Giudecca Canal, nothing equals the exquisite views.

Here, the buzz and bustle of the city is smoothed to serene tranquility while you enjoy a midday pick-me-up or an evening sip of one of their delectable cocktails. You can even order a sumptuous full meal if you just can’t tear yourself away from the breathtaking panoramas.

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A local secret… Pasticceria da Bonifacio

If you’re suffering from a sweet tooth, there’s nothing like the Pasticceria da Bonifacio, the tiny patisserie hidden a couple streets back from the San Marco Basilica. You’ll quickly realise that this is a long-time favourite of Venetians, who crowd around to pick up a treat or two.

If you can squeeze into a table, you’ll soon know why as the coffee and Venetian delicacies are truly to die for. The fritelle especially, are worth their weight in gold.

The family feeling… Da Gino

In a city often overrun with tourists and sullen bartenders, this is one place known for its homestyle hospitality. The owners, the Scarpa family, are sure to greet you as if you were a long lost sibling.

Not only that, but they, quite rightly, pride themselves on serving some of the best coffees in town, made from only the freshest beans and brewed to perfection right before your eyes. The homestyle service is mirrored in the relaxed and warm atmosphere that blends tradition with modern comfort.

Good enough for a duke… Caffè del Doge

One of Venice’s other famous coffee houses, Caffè del Doge (The Duke’s Café) serves a brew that really is fit for royalty mere steps from the famous Rialto Bridge.

Pick up one of their famously creamy and indulgent cappuccinos, or splurge on a specialty coffee for which a portion is donated to helping children who work on coffee plantations. All the ingredients are specially produced just for the Caffè, so you are sure to get the best cup every time.

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