The most unusual spa therapies in Europe

What’s the most unusual spa treatment you can think of? Our 7 exotic wellness treatments are based on a surprising range of ingredients and offer you spa luxury beyond your wildest dreams.
Pamper yourself with an array of the most unusual spa treatments in Europe and discover luxury wellness that makes you feel like a queen. To reserve a treatment, just quote PREMIUMSPA at the time of booking via email, online or on the phone.


It may not seem exotic, since it‘s the very basis of our existence, but a high dose of oxygen can enhance your natural beauty. Infusing it into the skin increases healthy cell regeneration, and has the effect of visibly reducing lines and wrinkles. The Linda Meredith Haute Couture Facial with O2 combines medical grade oxygen with a vitamin-enriched serum to leave your skin looking noticeably more youthful after just a short time.

Linda Meredith Haute Couture Facial with O2: available at Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona for EUR 135 for 30 mins or as part of the Detox Wellness package from EUR 555 for 4 hours 30 mins

Visit Website - Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona


Seaweed is packed with beneficial properties that include healing antibiotics and antiviral effects. Such a soothing and gentle ingredient can be combined with sea water and sea salt for a restorative and re-mineralising process. The Thalasso Seaweed Bath opens pores, eases circulation and will do wonders for removing imperfections from your skin.

Thalasso Seaweed Bath: available at St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort from EUR 50 for 25 mins

Visit Website - St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort

Olive oil

Olive oil is the golden elixir of the Mediterranean but its uses don’t stop with cooking. The Olive Activator treatment puts premium olive oil to good use: following an invigorating body brushing, warmed olive oil is drizzled over your body to nourish and revitalize your skin, leaving it feeling exceptionally soft. A citrus sorbet topped with olive oil and sea-salt rounds off the treatment.

Olive Activator: available at La Residencia Mallorca: from EUR 120 for 50 mins

Visit Website - La Residencia


Pearls symbolise peace, purity and femininity but they are also an unusual source of minerals, proteins and amino-acids. This exotic treatment uses pearl dust to hydrate the skin, firm it and cover it with a harmonious glow. Unleash some of the power of the full moon with a magical and sensual treatment that incorporates black and white pearls for a thrilling sense of luxury.

Black & White Pearls facial & body wrap; available at Convento do Espinheiro from EUR 150 for 90 mins.

Visit Website - Convento do Espinheiro


The power of plants is legendary and can be used to treat a myriad of ailments. The Elixir of Life is a gentle body ritual that uses warm muslin poultices filled with the calming scent of aromatic herbs to lift your mood and calm your mind. The results are soothed muscle tension and a feeling of deep relaxation and re-awakened senses.

Elixir of Life: available at Longevity Wellness Resort from EUR 120 for 90 mins

Visit Website - Longevity Wellness Resort


Falling water has a peaceful and soothing effect, and in combination with ocean views is a veritable recipe for relaxation. The Suspended Cascades treatment takes place outdoors on a cliff that boasts beautiful views of the Mediterranean. A circuit of 8 heated seawater lagoons is connected by a waterfall to relax muscles, boost circulation and ease tension, all with an element of playfulness.

Suspended Cascades: available at Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza from EUR 52 for 45 mins

Visit Website - Hotel Hacienda Ibiza


Mud is well-known to regular spa visitors, but the black stuff used in this treatment is something special. Extracted from the Italian coast and enriched with magnesium salt, the thermal mud in the Mediterranean Mud Bath is applied in a luxurious steam ritual that will fill you with an overwhelming sense of peace.

Mediterranean mud bath: available at Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa from EUR 121 for 50 mins

Visit Website - Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa

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