Stem cell anti aging treatments

Cosmetic dermatology specialist and founder of Cell Premium, Dr. Harald Gerny, shares his expert insight into the subject in this exclusive interview.
Dr. Harald Gerny is the founder of Cell Premium, a revolutionary new skincare line that uses plant stem cells to protect skin cells and stimulate a rejuvenating effect in a patient‘s skin. In this exclusive interview, he outlines the science behind his products.

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Dr. Gerny, you recently developed a stem cell cream. What effect do stem cells have on your skin?

Stem cells are the parent cells. They can divide themselves indefinitely and differentiate themselves into different cells. All other cells emerge from them. The egg is the first stem cell in every person. It’s only recently that we have discovered that there are 2 different stem cells in skin: one in the epidermis and one in the dermis.

More than a dozen independent medical studies have proven that the 4 natural plant stem cells taken from apple, grape, rhododendron and the argan tree, which are present in my world-first luxury medical cosmetic line Cell Premium, protect, activate and regenerate our skin stem cells.

When you consider that while at age 20 our skin has 8% stem cells in our skin, by age 60 this has decreased to only 3%, and these are our only cell factories, it means that reducing stem cells entails a decline in the regenerative capacity of the skin.

Anti-aging has discovered a whole new dimension. For the first time, we can tackle skin aging at source. Plant stem cells represent a new era in skin care: depending on the genetic structure of the plant, there is also a corresponding potential within the plant stem cells.

The stem cells from a long-life apple variety, Utzweiler Spätlauber, bring protection and longevity, while Gamay grape cells carry protection from UV and light aging, rhododendron cells increase resilience and the stem cells of the argan tree activate and initially protect the skin stem cells of the dermis.

Since plant stem cells are too large to reach deep into the skin, a cocktail of debris and cell fluid is produced from the plant stem cells. The plant complex ensures that both skin stem cells and the stem cell cocktail can be bonded together.

Is it risky to use stem cell skincare?

The only risk is of allergic reactions, if you are hypersensitive to the four plants: apple, grape, rhododendron or argan, but these plants cause allergic reactions only in extremely rare cases.
Anti-aging has discovered a whole new dimension. For the first time, we can tackle skin aging at source.

Dr. Harald Gerny

You offer a variety of different creams for stem cell treatments under the name Cell Premium. What is the difference?

The world‘s only luxury skin care line made with 4 plant stem cells to Dr. Gerny‘s formula consists of Cleansing Foam, Tonic, a Light Cream and a Rich one.

The Icon range for demanding skin is coming soon, as well as an eye cream and eye pads with immediate effect and a serum. There are also high concentrate treatments with high concentrations of stem cells from apple, grape, rhododendron and argan tree.

In the latest Icon cream, all 4 stem cells are combined in one product for the first time. The differences between products are the base ingredients and concentration of stem cells in each product.

Where can you buy your Cell Premium cream and other products?

Cell Premium products can be found in around 200 beauticians and doctors in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as well in VIP World, the first online store to have a 24h concierge service.
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Can you tell us in detail how much Cell Premium products and treatments cost?

In Switzerland, there is a recommended retail price of CHF 200 - 350 per treatment, while for products the suggested prices range from CHF 80 - 550.

For very intensive treatments, physicians and beauticians have a maximum concentrate of these 4 plant stem cells available to achieve more efficient results in various treatments.

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