Minimising brain surgery risks and side effects

Since the brain is such a complex area, any damage at all can have a drastic impact on a patient. Find out more about how surgeons can minimise the damage.
During an operation to remove a brain tumour, surgeons must balance removing as much as possible of the tumour while preserving as much as possible of the healthy structures of the brain that surround the problem area.

Minimising the damage

Since the brain is such a complex area, any damage at all can have a drastic impact on a patient.

As a result, neurosurgeons work hard to minimise the injury that can be caused to the brain during surgery.

This can be achieved using minimally-invasive techniques, which mean that an operation can be performed using much smaller incisions or with less manipulation of the brain.

For example, a surgeon could choose to access the brain by opening up the entire skull. However, this represents several risks.

Such a large incision would mean a much greater chance of infection, not to mention a long time spent opening and closing the wound.

Minimal invasion

Much preferable are the minimally-invasive techniques of using key-hole surgery and endoscopes.

This way, the whole brain can be accessed from a small incision above the eyebrow.

Using neuroendoscopy means that the endoscope probe is guided through the pathways of the brain to where the problem is, with the help of ultra-modern navigation systems and complex imaging procedures.

Remarkable results

The results of using these techniques are remarkable.

There is less pain for the patient, since there is much less chance of damage to the brain.

Reducing the opportunities for infection means a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery, while accessing the brain through a small incision leads to a much better cosmetic result than would otherwise be the case.

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