Thermal spas and springs benefits

Across Europe, thermal spas have enjoyed a reputation for healing for many centuries. What makes thermal spas so attractive, and are they really still beneficial in an era of modern medicine? We take a look at why you might want to visit one.
Thermal spas have long been believed to have the power to heal a wide range of ailments, as well as help maintain good health in general. Their popularity continues to this day and they make an excellent choice for a relaxing, revitalising holiday.

What are thermal springs?

Thermal springs occur naturally all over the world where warm water rises to the surface after being heated in the earth’s hot core.

Many of the great ancient civilisations, such as the Greeks and Romans, made use of these warm waters and built spas at the site of the spring to be able to make the most of this natural phenomenon.

Why are they so popular?

In more recent times, the high society of the western European empires prized these spas and built beautiful towns and cities around them.

The popularity of the thermal spas sprang from the belief that they could cure many ailments and in general were good for people’s health.

Although the exact science behind the thermal spa remains unclear, there is no doubt that the waters continue to attract many visitors who swear by their beneficial properties.

Why are they good for you?

One reason for the healing power of the waters is their high mineral content.

This differs according to the rock and soil found at each spa location, but the minerals absorbed by the body when bathing are thought to help a wide range of ailments and illnesses.

The temperature of the water is also thought to help aid the body’s healing process.

Not only does it relax and soothe joint and muscle ailments, it also encourages the body to purify itself of toxins by sweating them out through the skin.

Whatever the reason for their healing powers, spend time in a thermal spa and your body will certainly thank you for it.

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