Kidney disease causes, types and treatments

As a nephrologist Dr Michael Mühlhause has treated and taken care of many patients with kidney disease for many years. In this interview, he shares expert information on types of kidney diseases, chronic renal failure and healing chances.
Dr. Michael Mühlhause is a highly experienced doctor in the field of nephrology and kidney trouble. He is a partner in one of the leading centers for dialysis and nephrology in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart. In this exclusive interview, he explains various kidney diseases and provides an overview of the possible treatments.

How many people have kidney problems?

Approximately 500 million people worldwide suffer from chronic renal failure. That‘s almost ten percent of the world population!

What are the causes of kidney disease?

Most kidney damages are caused by diabetes or high blood pressure. However, they can also result from specific renal diseases that can be attributed to vascular or soft tissue disorders.

They can also be hereditary as by adult cystic nephropathy or Alport syndrome (deafness associated with nephropathy).

What type of kidney disease do you see most frequently?

The largest number of kidney disease cases I see are caused by diabetes and a similar amount are the result of hypertension.

Kidney failure is a severe condition. What can you do for people with chronic renal failure?

It depends on the kind of illness and the duration of it.

Specific treatments are available for diseases that have been provoked by vascular or soft tissue damage.

In cases of diabetes, optimal or as normal as possible blood glucose control can help; in cases of hypertension, optimal blood pressure control can help.

In these instances, the therapeutic value depends on the co-existing illnesses.

If the kidney has deteriorated to an advanced extent, the best therapy includes controlling blood pressure to optimal levels, reducing the protein loss of the kidney, and preventing infections of the lower urinary tract. 

At the momentary state of the art, there is no way to heal chronic renal failure.

Dr. Mühlhause

Can chronic renal failure be cured?

Unfortunately, as things stand, there is no way of completely curing chronic renal failure. The best medical advances so far aims to treat it by slowing down the progression of the renal failure.

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