Financial aid for boarding school fees

An online guide to the financial assistance available to help fund the best education possible for your child.
Choosing a boarding school for your child is a big decision and finance is an important consideration. Here we look at the different types of assistance available and some of the procedures for applying.

Do all schools offer bursaries?

Deciding to send a child to boarding school can be a major financial commitment. In contrast to countries like Switzerland, in the UK parents often have access to financial assistance to help with the cost of attending some of the top schools.

Thanks to a long tradition of providing education for the brightest and best, most boarding schools in the UK will offer some kind of financial assistance to attract the best students possible.

It pays to find out as much information as possible about the assistance available, as well as application procedures and deadlines, well in advance of applying.

The assistance available varies greatly between schools, but it can generally be split into two categories: scholarships and bursaries.

What are scholarships for?

Scholarships are awarded to students who show exceptional ability in a specific area.

They are awarded for a variety of different subjects, but the most common scholarships are for all-round academic excellence, musical or artistic talent, and excellence in sports.

Scholarships are designed to attract the best and brightest students to the school, so it’s worth highlighting a pupil’s strong points and past achievements in the areas of interest when applying

What is a bursary?

A bursary is awarded to a student on the basis of financial need.

They are designed to allow students to attend the school who would be otherwise unable to afford it.

In order to award bursaries to those who need the assistance most, boarding schools usually require parents to prove their financial situation with documentation at the time of application.

Often the school will review this information every year to ensure that assistance is always given to those with the most need.

How can I apply for financial aid?

Each individual school has its own procedure for applying for financial assistance, so it’s necessary to get in touch with prospective schools to find out exactly how and when to apply.

Schools should also be able to give you an idea about the amount of assistance they offer.

Since scholarships are often in extremely high demand, the application process may have several elements.

These may include interviews, assessments and auditions as well as entrance exams and the submission of portfolios, references and evidence of achievement in sport, art or music.

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