If you are trying to decide whether boarding school is right for your child, our advice and information is here to help.
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There is so much to think about if you trying to choose a boarding school. Which country, which type of school, whether boarding school is the right type of education for your child...The list is long and complex. To help you make a start, we have answered some of the most common questions from parents in our series of columns below. For a personal consultation, contact our education expert for advice and assistance that is tailored to your child's particular needs.

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How to apply //
Information and advice on boarding school applications and admissions deadlines: what you need to think about before submitting an application for your child....
Admissions tests guidelines // London
Boarding school entrance exams: how difficult are they really?: information and advice about the daunting world of entrance exams for boarding school places....
Scholarships and bursaries information // London
An online guide to the financial assistance available to help fund the best education possible for your child....
Open days for prospective students // London
Giving the boarding school experience a try before committing for good: information and advice on how to help your child decide whether boarding is for them.&nb...
Students nutrition and dietary information // London
Information about what to expect from boarding school food: why you might be pleasantly surprised about what is on offer....
Top 30 boarding schools in the UK // London
Discover the leading 30 boarding schools in England with this exclusive ranking on the top of the top private and independent institutions in Great Britain....

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