Boarding school catering and special diets

Information about what to expect from boarding school food: why you might be pleasantly surprised about what is on offer.
Many parents worry that there child won’t like the food when they go away to school. Here we look at what to expect from boarding school food.

Will the food be as terrible as the stereotype?

Cold porridge for breakfast, cabbage soup for dinner and no dessert… ever! Do you really want your child to have to live with Oliver Twist style food for months at a time?

Well, neither do any of the other parents and for this reason, the reality of boarding school food is far removed from the grim stereotype.

Of course, the variety, quantity and timing of meals will differ between schools, but all boarding schools are aware that their parents expect their child to be well-fed when they entrust their care to the them.

What if my child has special requirements?

Boarding schools in the UK often have a considerable overseas student population and the catering services are used to making sure there are appropriate options available for those with special dietary requirements, whether for religious, cultural or medical reasons.

Some schools even have special international themed meals during the year to allow everyone to try the typical foods of their fellow students.

And what about late night snacks?!

As well as the dining hall or canteen, where pupils will have their main meals, boarding accommodation usually has some form of kitchen or cooking facilities for making late night study snacks or popcorn for watching a film at the weekend!

If you are really worried about the issue of food, then make sure you take the opportunity to see (and taste!) what is on offer when you visit for an open day.

Current students or parents will be able to give you an honest opinion about the food and you may be able to get sample menus in order to compare what is on offer at different schools.

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